Kinetics Summer 2013 Call Me Blue Nail Polish – Review, Swatches & Long-Lasting Test

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You have to meet Kinetics Call Me Blue nail polish that I’ve been wearing on my nails this week, because even if you are not a fan of blue colors just like me, you will definitely like this one. I received this shade together with the rest of polishes from Kinetics Summer 2013 Crazy Daizy Collection (preview & swatches) but I had my doubts about testing this color since blue is not among my favorite shades and it didn’t look so appealing in the bottle like it does on the nails.



Now,, and at Exclusive Beauty Line Academy in Bucharest.

Kinetics Call Me Blue nail polish (€6.00/ 25.00 Lei/ £3.60 for 15 ml/ 0.5 fl oz) is a deep cream blue with turquoise shimmer. This nail lacquer had flawless, opaque color coverage right from the first coat and it become an even darker blue in two coats. The consistency is close to perfection, right in the middle between thick and thin and makes the brush glide flawlessly on the nail without leaving any brush strokes. I didn’t had any problems during the application with the polish streaking, bubbling or pooling along the edges. It dries quickly and has a beautiful shiny and glossy finish while the turquoise shimmer emphasizes this the dark blue base.

On the nails from my left hand I applied Call Me Blue in two coats and I added a thin layer of Kinetics Nano Shark Treatment (review & swatches) while on the nails from my right hand I applied only one coat of polish and no top coat. The results after 4 days wear are amazing. On the nails where I had only 1 layer of polish I had minor tip wear, without chipping and the color is still bright, opaque and shiny. The nails I’ve painted in 2 coats + top coat were looking like in the first day when I painted them. I had no tip wear, still a glossy finish and a gorgeous opaque color.

The only downside was you can get messy when you remove this color, because it will stain your fingers and the blue will hide under your nails so you might want to use a acetone nail polish remover.

Enjoy more photos…




Kinetics Call Me Blue nail polish – 1 coat


Kinetics Call Me Blue nail polish – 2 coats


Kinetics Call Me Blue nail polish – 2 coats + top coat


Kinetics Call Me Blue nail polish – 4 days later – in 1 coat


Kinetics Call Me Blue nail polish – 4 days later – in 2 coats + top coat

I hope you enjoyed this review and find it helpful. I would love to hear your thoughts regarding this nail polish if you enjoyed this post.

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