Kinetics True Grey Nail Polish – Review, Swatches & Long Lasting Test

Hello sweeties!

Today I want to show you the Kinetics True Grey nail polish which I wore on my nails this week and is one of the shades included in Kinetics Spring Summer 2013 Crazy Daizy Collection (info & swatches). I have only one more Kinetics summer nail polish to review before I will post my round-up review for the entire collection and I’m also planning on filming on small video to show you this collection.




Kinetics True Grey Nail Polish (€6.00/ 25.00 Lei/ £3.60 for 15 ml/ 0.5 fl oz) is a light grey with subtle blue undertones. It has a very light consistency with an watery slightly creamy formula. True Grey polish looks streaky and has an uneven color in one coat due to it’s super thin formula but the second coat manages to even out the color and transforms it into a light pale grey with a luscious finish. The color is fully opaque in two coats and has a nice shiny finish.

The application was a bit difficult because it bothered me that the color didn’t look so good in one coat and it was streaky so I had to be careful to even out the color with a second layer of polish and I also had some issues with the polish pooling along the edges of the nail. What I like is that it dried out so fast into a glossy finish. I used Kinetics Nano Shark Treatment (review & swatches) as a top coat on five of my nails and Kinetics Nano Rhino Soft & Peeling Instant Treatment (review & swatches) as a base coat.

I kept Kinetics True Grey nail lacquer on my nails for 5 days while the color was still opaque, pigmented and shiny but I decided to remove it because I has a small incident on my small finger and the polish chipped a bit. I was really satisfied how well True Grey polish resisted on the nails where I haven’t applied top coat as I saw only minor tip wear without chipping.

Enjoy more photos…




Kinetics True Grey Nail Polish Swatch – 1 Coat


Kinetics True Grey Nail Polish Swatch – 2 Coats


Kinetics True Grey Nail Polish Swatch – 2 Coats + Top Coat


Kinetics True Grey Nail Polish Swatch – 5 Days Later – with Top Coat


Kinetics True Grey Nail Polish Swatch – 5 Days Later – without Top Coat

I hope you lovelies had fun reading this review and find helpful in case you decide to purchase this shade. I’m curious if you like this color and if it’s the kind of color you would wear this season.

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