La Prairie Life Threads – Silver, Gold & Platinum – Perfume Collection – Fall 2009

The famous luxury Swiss brand La Prairie known by its anti-aging treatments has developed for this fall a trilogy of fragrances. After launching their Silver Rain perfume line a while ago, La Prairie is challenging our senses with Life Threads in Silver, Gold and Platinum.


The fragrance collection, composed by Constance Georges – Picot from Cosmo Fragrances, is available in the shops starting this October in 50ml bottles (125$) wrapped in shimmering thread tied to its name – Silver, Gold and Platinum.

I’m in love with La Prairie face and eye creams but I’ve never tried their perfumes. Few days ago I received a sample of Life Threads Silver and my sense were instantly excited. It was a fragrance totally new to my sense, with an incredible romantic and feminine touch, wrapped together into a floral scent. I can consider myself addicted to perfumes since I have a very big collection of fragrances, but this is one fragrance that definitely should not miss from my collection.

I know the price is a little high comparing to other perfumes, but as you probably know La Prairie it’s a luxury brand and their products have a superior quality. I know I’ve been using their creams and the results were amazing within days.

The scent of Life Threads Silver fragrance persisted on my skin for hours and even on the next day I could feel its floral notes on my shirt (I’m curious if the fragrance will resist after washing my shirt). The friends that I meet in that night were curious about this fragrance since they said it leaves behind a mysterious, incited smell.

Life Threads Silver it’s an enchanting woody floral fragrance.



  • Top notes: sparkling accords of golden bergamot mixed with green leaf.
  • Middle notes: floral notes composed out of tuberose, Indian jasmine, ylang-ylang, pepper and orange blossom.
  • Base notes: sandalwood, vetiver, solar musk and peppery moss

Life Threads Gold will seduce you with its spicy floral notes. It’s a perfume of adventure and achievement for those days when nothing on earth can stop the momentum.


  • Top notes: tangerine, plum and clove bud.
  • Middle notes: a heart of pepper, cinnamon bark, coriander, Kyoto rose, lily of the valley and ylang ylang.
  • Base notes: a drydown of cedarwood, patchouli, golden myrrh, vanilla and imperial incense.

Life Threads Platinum, a fragrance of strong identity and sophistication for times when our most compelling stories are written, was designed for audacious, provocative and enigmatic women.



  • Top notes: juicy plum, violet leaf and rare galbanum.
  • Middle notes: a heart of crystal jasmine petals, crushed Persian rose, sensual leather, Kerala cardamom and elegant iris.
  • Base notes: Indonesian patchouli, vetiver, golden amber, oakmoss and labdanum.

Which of these perfumes really matches your taste? Judging by the notes ( I haven’t test it ) I have to say that I’m sure I’m going to love the Platinum more than the Silver. You can also check the entire collection here and see the movies destined for each fragrance. As for myself, I loved the idea of the Life Threads Platinum fragrance movie and also their last phrase which made me thinkĀ  beyond its elegant and edgy chypre floral notes.

“Maybe, sometimes you have to run away from what you want, to find out what you really need.”

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  1. I love woody floral fragrances so the Silver one appeals to me the most. The bottle is very pretty too. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive!

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