Lady Gaga launches her first Perfume in Spring 2012

Here is a super hot news for Lady Gaga‘s fans. The eccentric diva will launch her first perfume for women in 2012.

Sources confirmed that last week she signed a long-term licensing deal with Coty Inc under her name. Is still to early to say what the fragrance’s  notes are going to be but thinking Lady Gaga I’m sure we won’t be expecting some sweet scent.

The senior vice president of global marketing in the Coty Beauty division said the first Gaga women’s perfume is to be expected in Spring of 2012.

There is surely a long time to wait for. 🙂


  1. WOW…the ode meat was really funny…lol…lol…
    Im a little tired of Gaga…I think is not nice anymore…I dont know…

  2. I’m tired of Lady Gaga too but I hope she will release an unique and original fragrance instead than those boring, overly-sweet blends most celebs come out with.

    • That should be something new….because as Gio said most celebrities are releasing sweet scents, nothing special and I never liked anything so far.

  3. I don’t think it would matter to me what that perfume smells like, I am not a fan of hers at all. Its too bad cause I do think she has a great voice, but her personality just seems too fake too me.

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