Lancome La Vie Est Belle Feerique 2014

Hello beauties!

Lancome launched this spring a new fragrance for women named La Vie Est Belle Feerique which is available in a very limited edition. The launch of the new Lancome La Vie Est Belle Feerique fragrance comes after Lancome announced their new La Vie Est Belle Eau de Toilette (info & photos).


As a declaration of happiness, it was only natural for La vie est belle to celebrate the Holidays in its own way, enhancing the exhilarating power of its addictive scent with the added magic of an exceptional showcase. This resulted in a luxurious limited-edition of its already iconic bottle: La vie est belle L’édition Féérique.15 numbered pieces of pure luxury and pure happiness.


International Launch Date – January 2014 at Neiman Marcus and online

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Feerique – Limited Edition – $35,000.00

The unprecedented encounter between three artisanal crafts and three exceptional Houses gave rise to La vie est belle L’édition Féérique, a collector’s dream and a contemporary version of the fabulous gifts that are part of the history of luxury: an entirely handcrafted music box housing the flacon with its crystal smile at the heart of glass vases set one over the other.French Haute Perfumery: offered by Lancôme since 1935While women loved the La vie est belle campaign and its optimistic and liberating message driven by Julia Roberts’ irresistible smile, the creation of the fragrance also represents Lancôme’s return to its roots: the loveliest way to take up its legacy as a Master Perfumer. This is a concentrate of highly dosed happiness structured around the House’s first tasty iris accord, a fragrance exceptionally concentrated with natural raw materials. Its delicate and addictive scent lies behind the universal enthusiasm for La vie est belle. L’édition Féérique is thus a wonderful tribute to its success.Reuge: the virtuoso of mechanical music

Purity carved in crystal by BaccaratBaccarat, the third artisanal legendary house, crafted a crystal chandelier that fills the top of the glass case with its thin metallic edging. A precious reference to the chandeliers of the La vie est belle commercial, its 133 drops and 48 tubes of crystal capture the reflections between the jars and bottle to make them dazzle even more. Specially designed for La vie est belle L’édition Féérique, this masterpiece of miniaturization with its understated Art Deco style marks a new collaboration between Lancôme and the prestigious crystal-making house founded in the 18th century, which soon became one of the most attractive gems of French artisanal trades.

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    • I wish I could have the money to afford this perfume. 🙂 I’m curious about the smell of this one but even one puff it will be expensive. 🙂

      • Yes i think it must be expensive!
        I have ever try the classic one maybe this one is different? More intense.
        A lot of women wear this perfume where im living so i dont wear it ( i love réminiscence).

    • I believe this is a collector’s item, a very special limited edition fragrance. I wonder how much a puff will cost 🙂

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