Lunasol Ocean Collection for Spring 2011 – New Information & Photos

Hi everyone!

Last month I posted a sneak peek article about Lunasol Ocean Makeup Collection for Spring 2011. There you can see more photos about all the products included in this collection as I will only post today the new photos of the eyeshadow palettes.

The new information that I’ve got consists in the name of all of the quadra eyeshadow palettes. The official launch date remains the same, 14 January 2011 for Japan.

Find out more right after the jump. 🙂

Lunasol Ocean Makeup Collection for Spring 2011

Ocean Scene Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

Available in 5 variations:

  • #01 Warm Ocean
  • #02 Natural Ocean
  • #03 Vivid Ocean
  • #04 Smoky Ocean
  • #05 Colorful Ocean

Shining Ocean Eyes – Limited Edition

Available in 5 new colors.

Full Glamour Liquid Lips

Will be available in 10 colors.

Cream Blush – New – Limited Edition

Available in 3 shades.

Constrasting W Lip Liner

Available in 3 new shades.

Illuminating Highlight

Available in 2 shades.

For more photos check out my sneak peek post. 🙂 Which palette do you like the most? Please share.


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