Lunasol Spring 2013 Base Makeup Collection – Info & New Photos

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Last month I gave you a sneak peek of Lunasol Spring 2013 Base Makeup Collection (info & photos) which was launched in Japan last week. The promo photo is simple and feminine revealing a model with a flawless complexion. The new collection features only two products but I will be showing you another product which was also released last week in Japan but separate from this collection.



Japan Launch Date – 15 February 2013

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Lunasol Spring 2013 Base Makeup Collection

Skin Modeling Powder Foundation SPF 20 PA + +

Ocher Shades

  • OC 01
  • OC 02
  • OC 03
  • OC 04

Yellow Ocher Shades:

  • YO 02
  • YO 03

Smoothing Makeup Base N SPF22 PA +

It has a creamy texture which enters the pores instantly to create an uniform film on the skin surface in order to prepare the complexion for the next step. Absorbs sweat and sebum excess so it’s recommended for those with combination and oily complexion and also to those living in a humid climate.

Control Essence UV SPF 34 – New

The product comes in a white bottle of 40 ml and it’s a beauty solution to protect your skin during the day against UV rays. It naturally covers pores and skin irregularities and can be used as a makeup base.

Enjoy more photos…




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