MAC Cosmetics – Lightful bright white series – New Products and Photos

A new ultra-charged formula from the innovative, skin-brightening Lightful collection. The new collection by MAC cosmetics contains 2 more new products and is expected to be launched in Japan on 1 st February 2010.


The other 4 products are already available for sale at

The collection contains:

Lightful Foaming Creme Cleanser – 100 ml – $24.00


Soothing whipped creamy mousse cleanses and rebalances skin. Rinses quickly. Leaving skin feeling clean and comfortable…never stripped or dehydrated. It contains a multi-plant whitening formula (green tea, cucumber, mulberry root, apple and grape extract, etc) that in time can improve the transparency of the skin. It was dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and will prevent acne to appear on your complexion.

Lightful Active Softening Lotion – 150 ml – $30.00


It’s a hydrating, water-based lotion that it’s absorbed quickly into skin. Immediately infuses depleted skin with moisture. Leaves it feeling refreshed, soothed and soft with a more even-toned look. It contains Vitamin C and green tea extract that go deep into your skin, preventing famine caused by dry skin pigmentation. The softening lotion contains also 8 kinds of amino acid formula to release moisture and exfoliate so that the skin will look brighter.

Lightful Charge Essence Serum – 30 ml – $40.00


Concentrated, lightweight, gel-like essence. It’s absorbed quickly into the skin. Helps it look and feel smoother, softer, brighter and more resilient. Contains silk proteins that are a rich moisturizing factor and slows the skin process of aging.

Lightful Hidro-Charged Moisturizer SPF 30/ PA ++ – 50 ml


With a light texture this moisturizer contains Vitamin C derivates, Shea butter and wheat germ essence that will condition the skin, moisturize  and whiten. It also has SPF 30 and PA++ that will protect your skin against UVA / UVB ultraviolet rays that can cause sun spots. It was dermatologist tested.

Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme  – 50ml – $38.00


It’s a lightweight, gel-like cream that provides a moisture-locking barrier for long-lasting protection. Instantly hydrates the skin for a smoother skin surface, and helps it look more luminous over time. It is also recommended to those who have oily skin and can fight the small fine lines.

Lightful White Powder SPF 25/ PA ++ – 11 g


The MAC whitening sunscreen powder SPF 25 / PA ++ is a potent protective foundation that contains a formula that will keep oil under control and will give you a professional looking finish. Contains Hyaluronnic Acid and tuberose that will give your skin a high level of moisture. It’s recommended for all skin types and was dermatological tested.


  1. Hi Natalia! The white powder and the Hidro charged moisturizer both with SPF are new in this collection. I don’t know for sure if they are new in the U.S. (I haven’t seen them available online on MAC website) but these 2 products are just to be launched in February in other countries. Have you tried them? 🙂

  2. Hi Tavia! I haven’t, since we don’t have this collection available in MAC stores in Germany. Last year I saw the promotional images on and I was wondering why we never got them in our stores.

  3. Well then we will have to check out MAC stores after 1st February and see all the products from the Lightful collection. Usually in the U.S. collection are launched before Europe. 🙂

  4. Dear All,
    I got supplied by MAC the following products:
    The Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme – 50ml, Lightful Hidro-Charged Moisturizer SPF 30/ PA ++ – 50 ml,
    Lightful Active Softening Lotion – 150 ml and Prep+ Prime Skin Brightening Serum Serum.
    I have oily skin and i am sure how to use these products. Could you please give me some instructions on this regards.

    Thanks Un advance for your help on this issue.
    Elizabeth Ferreira.

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