MAC Spring 2013 Archie’s Girls Collection – Preliminary Info

Hello pretties!

After I teased you with the sneak peek photos of MAC Spring 2013 Archie’s Girls Collection I think it’s time to find out what are the products featured in this upcoming collection which will be available next month. I managed to put together a list with all the products but since this is not the official information I can’t guarantee that I haven’t missed any product. If you have more information regarding the names and products’ description please feel free to add it in the comments bellow.

MAC Cosmetics celebrates the comic book rivalry of Betty, beautiful blonde-next-door and Veronica, rich, raven-haired temptress for the affections of Archie creating a special limited edition collection Archie’s Girls. Jump into their Jukebox-Joint, Retro-Rocking world where only one boy matters. With posing for photo-ops and sweet candy hearts, love is in the air.


U.S. Launch Date – February 2013 at MAC Locations and online

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MAC Spring 2013 Archie’s Girls Collection

Betty Blonde-Next-Door Collection

Eyeliner – Limited Edition

  • Black Swan – black with gold pearl

Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

  • Caramel Sundae – 4 shades

Optimum Opulash Mascara – Permanent

  • Black

Powder Blush – Limited Edition

  • Cream Soda – neutral coral (Satin)

Face Powder – Limited Edition

  • Flatter Me (Pearlmatte)

Lipstick – Limited Edition

  • Bright Betty (Satin)
  • Sweet Something

Lipgloss – Limited Edition

  • Summer Sweetheart

Pigment – Limited Edition

  • Cheers My Dear

Veronica Lodge Collection

Face Powder – Limited Edition

  • Veronica’s Blush (Pearlmatte)

Intense Eyeliner – Limited Edition

  • Designer Purple (Pearlglide)

Opulash Mascara – Permanent

  • Black – intense black

Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

  • Spoiled Rich

Lipstick – Limited Edition

  • Ronnie Red – bright red
  • Daddy’s Little Girl –  purple

Lipgloss – Limited Edition

  • Cheers My Dear
  • Mall Madness


  1. OMG!!! Is this for real? I read so many Betty & Veronica I have only one regret, throwing all of them away 🙁 Even without much details, meaning pictures of the actual colors, I suspect I’ll be on Veronica’s side. 😀

    • I’m on the opposite side….I never heard of Betty&Veronica until I found out about this collection last year, so I can’t say I’m super excited about the packaging. I guess they were not so popular in this side of the world.

      • I’m not surprised, it’s quite “North American” culture, not like a super hero à la Wonder Woman. This is one of the reasons I’m surprised by this theme even if I am pleased with it. It may not reach as many.

  2. This info is incorrect,might want to go back on Specktra where you steal your info from and correct this. Always credit where you found the information otherwise it’s just bad manors.

    • Hi Ashley! I’m sorry you think like this. The photo was taken from Instagram and not Specktra and the info I put together from different sources and not Specktra. I posted about this collection 2 times before with some part of this info. I’m also working with a MAC PR from my country so you should know Specktra is not the Bible of Beauty for me, info can be found and research from other sources as well. I always gave credit to Specktra when it’s the case.

      • Tavia – we all know you post accurate information. And Ashley is obviously not all familiar with Instagram or she would have known where this MAC pic was from. People need to get their facts straight and make sure they are CORRECT before accusing others! Shame on your, Ashley.

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