Madonna and Guy travel to Italy

Two days ago, Madonna hired one of the best lawyers for her divorce, now she seems to have taken a three-day break with Guy in Italy. Although they slept in separate rooms, the two of them traveled together to visit Milan at the end of last week, leaving their three children Lourdes 11-year-old, Rocco 7-year-old and adopted David of 2-year-old with the nanny.

The two of them didn’t spend so much time together because they’ve had different schedules. A friend of the couple disclosed:

They had completely separate rooms, schedules, everything. It was all very well organized but it’s not a marriage the way most people understand it. They have this attitude like, ‘We’re not really a couple but we’re friends and we love each other and raise our kids.’ But the truth is they annoy each other, don’t agree on anything, don’t see each other or live ‘together’ as they did.

49-year-old singer visited the fashion designers in charge with her costumes for the forthcoming world tour. Meanwhile Guy worked with actor George Clooney on a new commercial.

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