Madonna hired lawyer Fiona Shackleton

As I told you before in one of my articles Madonna and Guy Ritchie are getting a divorce. Between the two of them was no pre-nup, which makes things more difficult now, and as I said before I’m truly amazed by this because Madonna seemed to be 100% business even in love. As always the “4 Minutes” singer wants the best on her side and she hired Fiona Shackleton to represent her during the divorce.

Fiona also represented Sir Paul McCartney in his separation from his ex-wife Heather Mills, and I know she has done a great job handling the case. All this have certainly impressed Madonna in making this choice. Someone close to Madonna said:

Madonna always seeks out the best in whatever field she is interested in at any given time. Fiona Shackleton is the best.

As at last hope, Madonna was hoping to resolve the problems between her and Guy but she realised their relationship doesn’t have a chance anymore and the breakup is the final solution for the couple, so she needed a legal consultation.

One friend of Fiona declared:

Madonna was impressed by Fiona’s work for Sir Paul and the way she handles herself in the public eye. She is a consummate professional.

Fiona Shackleton also represented Prince Charles in his divorce from Princess Diana, and we could say she has quite a reputation.

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