Max Factor Glossfinity & Max Effect Mini Nail Polish – Preview, Info & Photos

Hello sweeties!

I’ve been wanting to make a separate article from the one posted last week about My package from Max Factor, for a long time but I’ve been over my head re-taking new photos and editing them for reviews.

I’ve received 12 new nail polishes from Max Factor Romania last week and it will take a while until I will review each shade considering I’m usually wearing a nail polish for 4-5 days before I review it. I’ve received 6 Max Effect Mini Nail Polishes (info & promo photos) and another 6 colors of Max Factor Glossfinity which is a new collection of nail polishes that will be available at Max Factor counters pretty soon and promises glossy nails for up to 7 days.

Max Effect Mini Nail Polishes are already available online and internationally at Max Factor counters. The colors looks vibrant, some of them have a creamy texture other contain glitter and shimmery particles, some of them are sheer on the nails, like Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in #45 Fantasy Fire (photos & nail swatches).

Follow me after the jump for more details and photos.

I will give you the names of the colors I received and pretty soon (after I will remove the current nail polish I’m wearing) I will post swatches with all of them asking you to choose your favorite shades which will be reviewed sooner than the others.

Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Polish – 11 ml

  • #55 Angel Nails
  • #70 Cute Coral
  • #75 Flushed Rose
  • #80 Sunset Orange
  • #155 Burgundy Crush
  • #185 Ruby Fruit

Max Effect Mini Nail Polish – £3.99

  • #31 Satsuma
  • #33 Lollipop
  • #35 Candy Blue
  • #37 Prussian Blue
  • #38 Purple Haze
  • #45 Fantasy Fire

Enjoy more photos…

Are you loving these colors? Which one would you want me to review first? I will return with a special post of nail swatches for each of these colors in the future days. 🙂


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