Max Factor Second Skin Foundation – Review + Photos

Max Factor introduced a while ago its latest foundation breakthrough, the New Second Skin Foundation.

I received this product only a few days after I just bought a new foundation from MUFE, so I wasn’t to excited to try it out. I usually don’t use foundation but when I do I ask a lot from it. I want to cover all my breakouts, I don’t want to feel it heavy of my skin like I was wearing a mask and I definitely want to have  a matte complexion for as long as possible.

I got the 40 Creamy Ivory shade which is the lightest from the 5 shades available:

  • 40 Creamy Ivory
  • 45 Warm Almond
  • 70 Natural
  • 75 Golden
  • 80 Bronze

The Package

The product comes in a transparent 30 ml bottle with a black pump (a plus for hygiene) which allows me to take just the right amount of product. It’s very practical and has 12 months availability. You can order the foundation online from Max Factor if you are sure of your shade, for the price of £13.99.

My Experience

The new Skin Foundation has an innovative formula that creates a look of naturally perfect looking skin. I think you’ve heard this phrase before from almost every brand. So I was really skeptical at first but after I tried it on my skin I felt the difference instantly.

I don’t use a foundation brush since my complexion is combination to oily and I usually use a foundation sponge just to fix the product better onto my skin, or my hands when I’m in a hurry (don’t you?).

I’ve read positive reviews about the Second Skin Foundation but you’ll notice if it’s good or not for your skin only after you try it. On me it really looked and felt like a second skin. It was absorbed fast into the skin with a really good coverage leaving my skin not completely matte but with a natural glow.

The texture is so light that all day I didn’t even felt that I had foundation on my complexion and my oiliness was under control all the time. I can really say that Max Factor Second Skin Foundation it’s like having a make-up artist in your handbag!

My skin looked healthy and what I like most was that it didn’t leave the impression that I had a mask on. I can’t say that it provides the best coverage so if you are having more serious things to hide other than breakouts, redness or small pimples I would say to go for something with a full coverage. I’m curious to test it during the summer on those hot temperatures and see how it goes. 🙂

I’m almost in my 30’s, so for me it worked great when I wanted to hide some little imperfections from time to time. It contains unique multi-tonal pigments, provides virtually undetectable coverage and synchronizes with the skin for a look of natural perfection.

It lasted on my skin all day without fading or needing a retouch. After 8-9 hours I came home and removed my makeup and I was happy to notice that my skin was not dry and my complexion was not tern. 🙂 I fell that Second Skin Foundation protects my complexion against pollution and all that dust you can feel in a crowded city.

The texture is really smooth and can be blended flawlessly into your own complexion leaving no lines and no traces. My complexion looked perfect in any light and it’s hard to say that you are even wearing a foundation.

Max Factor says that Second Skin acts as a base from which to create a perfect natural look.


Have you girls tried this foundation yet? Please let me know about your experience if you did and if you haven’t tried it yet I hope you liked my review and if you are looking for a foundation with a light texture that will leave your skin looking flawless you can give this one a try. 🙂


  1. I love love LOVE this foundation. It’s a tad pricey for a drugstore foundation but I honestly think it’s worth it. It blended like a dream and would recommend it to people for a really professional finish. It’s not so much a second skin as it actually melts onto YOUR own skin and smooths out all flaws. I luuurve it!

  2. Hi Marina! I knew that after I read your review and that’s why I wanted to link to it, so visitors can hear another opinion. 🙂

  3. Hi Supermariposa! I’m glad that you like this foundation too. I keep hearing only great things about this foundation from many girls. It’s really a hit 🙂

  4. i absolutly love this foundation too,it makes me look fresh faced and dewy,and hides imperfections and ive even had positive comments saying how do i get my skin so flawless lol..i would recommend this product for sure!!!

    • Hi Helen! I’m really happy that you like this foundation as much as I do. It’s really my favorite foundation so far and I’ve tried quite a few. 🙂

        • Hi Shereen! Thank you! I really try to take care of my skin the best way possible. I always try to use better and better products, so my skin look good even without makeup. In the last 2 years I’ve only worn foundation maybe a few times a month and recently I haven’t used it at all. 🙂

  5. hi my skin so oily can i used second skin foundation? please i wait answer

    • My skin is oily too so definitely you can try this. It will feel very light and natural on your face, almost like you won’t wear any foundation. The coverage is sheer to medium so the only downside is that it doesn’t cover imperfections that well. Let me know how it went if you decide to use it. 🙂

  6. I also love this foundation. I went thru so many brands trying to find a product that would work well with my oily and breakout-prone skin as well as with the humid Philippine weather and I’d have to say this brand has delivered!

    • I use Max F Second Skin for a medium coverage, especially in the warm season because it has a light texture. Revlon Colorstay gives me a full coverage, I usually use it when I have breakouts and I want a more intense coverage and especially in the cold season. I have them both and I use them both, but they can’t be compared. 🙂

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