Michael Tcherevkoff Bag Fleur Collection – Spring 2012

Hello lovely ladies!

Last week I posted as my comeback article Shoe Fleur Collection by Michael Tcherevkoff, an entire shoe collection made in photoshop from beautiful plants, flowers and leaves, everything accomplished with the imagination of a famous photographer.

Back then I’ve posted only a few bags which matched some of the flower shoes, but now I want to show you my favorites from this collection. Although snow it’s still here, is nice to feel some spring breeze only by looking at these lovely photos.

Petal Pusher is the first bag I love from the entire collection and the fact that is pink and vibrant has everything to do with it. 🙂

Follow me after the jump for an entire Bag Flower Collection

Enjoy my favorite flower bags photos 🙂 Which one is your favorite?

White Lie

Cover the stark truth with an innocent blush of color and it becomes so much easier to carry.


Filled with expectation, charged with passion – a sweet afternoon delight.


A stylish pocket to hold her shoes and a few extra passports.

Miss Handled


La Cage aux Fleurs

Don’t touch anything in her secret garden.

Knot Windy

Perhaps she’ll catch a sea breeze to take home with her.



This cultivated beauty, she found her way into a crystal vase at the Palazzo Feroni.

Dim Sum

Finally – a chic take-out container for those leftover nibbles she’ll be craving at midnight.

Cloud Nine

Just the right size to carry her slippers when she comes back down to earth.

Birds of a Feather

Avenue Montaigne

Arm in arm, they stroll the street where quality whispers.

If you could pick just one, which one would you choose? Be honest :). If you haven’t had enough of these beauties check out more photos inspired by flowers right here. Perhaps you are interested in a spring hat or flower lingerie 🙂


  1. Oh my God! they are amazing. Thank you for sharing. Love them. specially White lie and leaflet.

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