My new products from Jordana Cosmetics – Photos & Swatches

Hello lovelies!

I was very happy when I spotted Jordana Cosmetics products last month at Cosmobeauty 2012 Spring Exhibition and I decided to write an article with more details, local prices and a list of products available at that time. I first heard about Jordana about 5 years ago when I also bought some of their products.

So when I saw a display with Jordana products at the exhibition I asked for more details and tried to establish a collaboration with the local distributor. As a result I received the other the products that you see in the photo bellow to test and review them. Jordana products can be purchased online but unfortunately they are not available in beauty shops.

I had time only to swatch the lip and eye products so I haven’t yet tested the nail products but you can find out more details about these products and see more photos in my upcoming individual reviews.

I had a pleasant experience with Jordana Cosmetics in the past, I’m really loving their lip glosses and the affordable prices. They have a large palette of colors to choose from so you can always find a bright nail polish, a nude or a pink lipgloss and even eyeshadows with metallic finishes.

I will do a quick presentation of each product showing you swatches and give you my first impression but for more info you will find in the upcoming reviews.

Jordana Super Shiny Tasty Lip Gloss – 15.00 Lei

I have #02 Mandarin Glaze shade which came in a tube of 14,16 ml of product and is a bright orange color with golden glitter which turns into a sheer mandarin on the lips. The tube has a slanted applicator tip trough where you can squeeze the product. The gloss it’s more like a transparent tint with shimmer.

Jordana Squeeze’n Shine Super Shiny Lip Gloss in Mandarin Glaze

Mandarin Glaze – swatch

Mandarin Glaze – swatch blended

Jordana Lip Out Loud (LOL) Super Shiny Gloss (2.43 g/ 0.085 oz) – 15.00 Lei

I got the shade #108 TTYL which is a pink golden beige with golden glitter and very shiny finish, almost like patent leather-like shine. I noticed the fruity smell once I open the tube. It has a slanted soft applicator.

Jordana LOL Super Shiny Gloss in #108 TTYL

#108 TTYL swatch

Jordana Lipstick (3.4 g/ .12 oz) – 11.00 Lei

I received two shade #028 Grape and #038 Oro which are both pigmented shades with full coverage and a soft shine finish.

From left to right: #028 Grape, #038 Oro

Jordana Quickliner Lip Pencil (1.85 g/ .006 0z) – 11.00 Lei

I have the shade in #12 Mauvy which is a pigmented burgundy brown. The pencil is retractable so no sharpening required. It seems firm enough to outline and soft enough to glide on smoothly.

#12 Mauvy – swatches

Jordana Eyeliner Pencil AJ (1.39 g/ .049 oz) – 8.00 Lei

I received the classical #02 Black shade. This eyeliner delivers a soft and gentle application and promises to stay silky-smooth in all weather but I wanna test that and let you know if it’s true in my review.

#02 Black – swatch

Jordana Color Effects Single Eyeshadow Powder (1.65 g/ .058 oz) – 13.00 Lei

I got the shade in #10 Ms Jordana which is a very pigmented purple with metallic finish and a soft texture. It applies easily and glides on smoothly and promises to be crease-proof.

#10 Ms Jordana swatch – left: no primer – right: with primer

Jordana Pop Art Nail Design (6 ml/ 0.20 fl oz) – 12.00 Lei

I have #512 Artsy Purple and I draw a small star on one of my nails just to check out the color and it’s a beautiful purple with intense pigments. It has a precision brush applicator so it seems easy to draw stars, flowers or whatever you want on your nails.

Jordana Nail Polish (15 ml / 0.5 fl oz) – 12.00 Lei

I couldn’t have chosen a better color than #963 Pink Star which is a baby pink with fashionable silver shimmer and glitter. I haven’t yet swatched it on my nails (I’m currently wearing a different shade) yet but I’m very curious so I’m guessing this color will be next one to review.

Jordana Garlic Growth Base Coat (15 ml/ 0.5 fl oz) – 12.00 Lei

It sounds very funny to have a garlic growth base coat (it doesn’t smell like garlic at all) but this one seems to be the perfect treatment for hard to grow nails.

I would love to hear from you if you ever used Jordana Cosmetics products, if you like them or not and what is your general impression about this brand.


  1. Hi, I must say that Jordana has some of the best nail polishes: textures, glitters, cremes, shimmers, neons, that I have ever used. You get more than what you pay for with Jordana and with cutting edge formulas and the best Jordana nail care products, i.e nail strengthener, cuticle oils, base coats and topcoats, it should be a part of every woman’s beauty arsenal.

    I also l.o.v.e Jordana’s creme eyeshadows and Lip out Loud lip glosses. Their lipsticks are fantastic, non-cakey, light and moist and I especially love their reds. Their blushes are also on par with any other beauty buy out there. I personally used Jordana powder and never had a problem and I would consider my skin sensitive.

    In short, if a woman wants a high end look on a budget try Jordana’s range of products. The’re fantastic!

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