NEW: Lancome O My Rose Collection – Spring 2010

Taking a scoop into the new brands collections for 2010, a sweet smell of rose comes from Lancome Spring 2010 Collection – O My Rose.

Then New Lancome O My Rose Collection contains sweet and sexy coral colors and deep sea greens that brings the fresh air of spring with them. I very curious about trying the coral lipglosses and Le Gloss Kohl pencils. The collection looks pretty and very refreshing and the heavy colors of winter’s collections.

Pop ‘n-Cheeks-Blush

O My Rose Collection contains:

  • Pop ‘n Cheeks Blush  (49 EUR)
  • Pop ‘n Petrol Eyeshadow Palette  (85,50 $)
  • Pop ‘n Copper Eyeshadow Palette (85,50 $)
  • Color Fever Glosses in BB Sand (22), Coral Delight (362), Orange Scopitone (120), Shivering Pink (361) (41 $)
  • New Concealer Duo (77 $)
  • Drama Hypnose Mascara – in sea green
  • Khol Gloss in BB Sand, Pop Petrol, Swinging Copper (47 $)
  • Le Vernis in BB Sand, Pop Petro (38 $)

Pop ‘n-Petrol-Eyeshadow-Palette

Pop ‘n-Copper-Eyeshadow-Palette Pop ‘n-Eyeshadow-Palette

The New Collection is not yet available in the stores, so we have to be patient until  January 2010.Meanwhile  check out the detailed photos of products and let me know what you think about this peachy-coral-sea green collection. Have you seen something that you like and you want to give it a try?

Lancome-Concealer-Duo Lancome-La-Touche-Pro-Concealer-Duo Khol-Gloss-BB-Sand Khol-Gloss-Pop-Petro Khol-Gloss-Swinging-Copper

Nail-Polish-BB-Sand Nail-Polish-Pop-Petro

Color-Fever-Glosses-BB-Sand Color-Fever-Gloss-Orange-Scopitone

Color-Fever-Gloss-Coral-Delight Color-Fever-Glosses-Shivering-Pink


  1. Ahh!! I’m not usually a coral fan, but the first blush looks STUNNING. Then again, I tend to be a sucker for Lancome blush x.x

  2. Hi Rae! The same thing here, but I guess I love this one because looks so sweet and I’m a big fan of Lancome products

  3. Hi Gio! Although I’m a big fan of glosses I have to test these ones firs because my favorite color for lips is pink, but who knows maybe these coral lipglosses will look great too.

  4. Hi Courtney! Actually they Pop’n Copper palette is my favorite too, includes some of my daily makeup eyeshadows but I don’t know yet if I’m going to get this one ( the price if you know what I mean). The other day at Sephora I’ve seen a gorgeous smoky eye palette (I’m crazy about smoky eye makeup) with 4 eyeshadows, 1 mini mascara and 1 mini khol crayon which I want to buy in the next days only for 30$.

  5. Hi Meream! You will have to try this coral shades on your skin the soon the collection will be available cause you can never know which one may just look great on you.

  6. Hi Mary! I’ve noticed that we sometimes have different taste in what concerns the colors. I’ve read your article about your new lipstick (and its story) and it’s really a sweet color for you but I don’t know if I would go for that one 🙂

  7. lancome everytime they have a collection it is always sold out. i have been looking for the pop n cheek, and chris & tell for months only to find out it was limited, and then told it was only in the stores for a couple of weeks. which is probably a lie. it is always that way with lancome. i have also find out i am not the only one with this problem, so i will not purchase anymore lancome makeup. i have find other makeup companies that do not share this problem.

    • Hi Chris! I’m so sorry to hear that. Lancome does have Limited Edition Collection and sometimes they get sold very fast. Here in my country I can always find Lancome products even if they are limited edition cause they don’t get purchased so fast. 🙂 What other brand have you chosen?

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