NYX Spring 2013 Makeup Collection – Official Info & Photos

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NYX Spring 2013 Makeup Collection is finally available online featuring a bunch of eyeshadow palettes, lip colors, a new makeup spray and a few more surprises that waits to be discovered. The other day I shared with you the new NYX Spring 2013 Love In Rio Palettes (info & photos) which offers a variety of colors to choose from not to mention the pretty and simple packaging.


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NYX Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

NYX Natural Shadow Palette – New – $7.00

Amplify your stunning eyes with the Natural Shadow Palette! This palette includes 6 nude hues that will enhance your look instantly. Define and beautify your eyes with any of the harmonizing shades for an intense or natural look.

NYX Smokey Shadow Palette – New – $7.00

Obtain that sexy and sultry look with the Smokey Shadow Palette! Use any of the 6 sleek eye shadows to create that smokey look you desire for an evening out on the town.

NYX Makeup Setting Spray – New – $8.00

Demand Perfection! For that fresh make up look that lasts, NYX Makeup Setting Sprays are lightweight and comfortable while working hard to make sure your makeup stays put. Available in a gorgeous Matte Shine-Free Finish or Dewy fresh glow.

NYX Love In Rio Eyeshadow Palette – New – $6.00

Find your Love in Rio using the 3 color eye shadow palette. Indulge in natural and pulsating colors to create that impeccable day or night look. Take this Love in Rio color palette with you on every escapade and mesmerize others with your eyes!

  • No Tan Lines (shimmery taupe, nude, matte black)
  • Mo Rockin’ Beats (matte white, silver shimmer, matte black)
  • Amazonian Babes (shimmery bronze, beige & dark brown)
  • Carnival Del Sol (purple, shimmery yellow, shimmery lime green)
  • Paraiso (shimmery indigo, sky blue, pink)
  • Segredos de Giselle (shimmery peach, beige, bronze)
  • Barefoot in the Sand (matte off-white, shimmery taupe, matte taupe)
  • En Fuego (gunpowder, plum, silvery lilac)
  • Sizzling Samba (shimmery gold, champagne, deep bronze)
  • Escape to Rico (matte toffee, dark brown, shimmery brown)
  • Nighttime in Rio (hot pink, bright violet, sparkling black)
  • Meet at the Copa (shimmery taupe, champagne, shimmery slate)
  • Sway with Lola (soft pink, shimmery light brown, baby blue)
  • Moonlit Skinny Dip (off white, toffee, dark brown)
  • Bossa Nova (shimmery gold, olive, forest green)
  • Voodoo Love Spells (matte taupe, medium brown, charcoal)
  • Cabana Boy (shimmery gold, bronze, dark brown)
  • Caipirnhas on the Beach (sky blue, teal, deep blue)
  • Bikini Bottoms (silvery pink, bronze, deep bronze)
  • Showgirls Exposed (slate, shimmery white, shimmery silver)
  • Life is a Cha Cha (matte lilac, shimmery light purple, deep purple)
  • The Brazilian (dark brown, nude pink, shimmery toffee)

NYX Love In Paris Eyeshadow Palette – New – $10.00

Fall in Love in Paris with our brilliant 9 color palette that complements all eye colors and fashion ensembles. Use this adorable travel friendly kit with the included applicator through every voyage and adventure for creating captivating looks and touch ups. Attract the Love in Paris with your eyes!

  • A La Mode (browns, shimmering silvers, black & white)
  • Madeleines and Macaroons (shimmery & mattes nudes, beiges & pink)
  • Be Our Guest Maurice (shimmery purples, beige, black & white)
  • Love Affair With Louis (shimmery blues, silvers, black)
  • Parisian Chic (shimmery & matte neutrals)
  • C’est La Vie (shimmery browns, beiges, deep greens)
  • Pardon My French (shimmery beiges, golds, browns & green)
  • Let Them Eat Cake (shimmery & matte pinks, browns & beiges)
  • Je Ne Sais Quoi (shimmer & matte browns, cream, silver & plum)
  • You Are In Seine (shimmery & matte neutrals, greys & indigo)
  • Mon Cherie (shimmery & matte plum, green, gold, cream, indigo & browns)
  • Merci Beaucoup (shimmery & matte neutrals, gold & rust)

NYX Love In Florence Eyeshadow Palette – New – $8.00

Live, explore and discover Love in Florence through the lush 5 color eye shadow palettes available in rich hues catering to all eye colors and looks! This compact palette comes with a dual ended applicator so you can carry the kit and spread the love everywhere you go.

  • Meet My Romeo (shimmery & matte neutrals)
  • Eat, Love, Be Fab (shimmery & matte peach, browns & greens)
  • XoXo Mona (shimmery & matte, light & dark purples)
  • Ciao Bella (shimmery & matte peaches, taupes & black)
  • Sunsets With Sophia (shimmery & matte beiges, gold & black)
  • Tryst By The Trevi (shimmery & matte nude, silver, white & black)
  • Prima Donna (shimmery & matte champagne, purples & black)
  • La Dolce Vita (shimmery & matte silver, blues & white)
  • Bellini Kiss (shimmery golds, browns & nude)
  • Gelato for Two (shimmery & matte grey, peach & plums)

NYX Collection Chocolate – New – $6.00

Let your eyes take the cake with Collection Chocolaté! The collection carries 6 different formulations of lustrous eyeliners, from matte, satin, glossy pencils to liquid eyeliners. Wrap your eyes with one or all of these smudge-free formula liners. The collection offers various types of eyeliners that apply smooth and effortlessly for lasting and dramatic wear.

  • Glossy Brown Liner
  • Matte Brown Liner
  • Satin Finish Brown Liner
  • Kohl Kajal Brown Liner
  • Skinny Brown Liner
  • Liquid Brown Liner

NYX Butter Gloss – New – $5.00

Add a little more sweetness to your lips with a touch of the Butter Lip Gloss available in 12 scrumptious colors! Get creamy sheer to medium coverage on your lips without that sticky sensation. It’s perfect for every sweet tooth!

  • Strawberry Parfait (fuchsia)
  • Eclair (pink)
  • Peaches and Cream (pink coral)
  • Merengue (pink lilac)
  • Creme Brulee (natural)
  • Peach Cobbler (red orange)
  • Tiramisu (brown)
  • Apple Strudel (peach)
  • Vanilla Cream Pie (mauve)
  • Cherry Cheese Cake (orange)
  • Maple Blonde (deep peach)
  • Cherry Pie (red)

NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator – New – $7.00

Enrich your lovely features with a touch of the Liquid Illuminator that will give your skin a hint of a pink or peach tone. A light application will give your skin that luminous and healthy goddess glow.

  • Sunbeam – pale pink pearl
  • Gleam – golden peach pearl

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