OPI Big Apple Red Nail Polish – Review, Swatches & Long-Lasting Test

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OPI Big Apple Red nail polish is one of the classic and best selling shades and it’s on the market since 2000 when the OPI New York Collection was released. I recently received Big Apple Red at the second edition of Beauty Bloggers Meeting and even though I’m not really into red when it comes to nail colors I just had to try this legendary nail polish which was such a success when it was released that OPI made it a permanent color.



Now at ULTA, Top Line and online @ulta.com, @nailpolishcanada.com, @opiuk.com

OPI Big Apple Red Nail Polish ($9.00 / £11.50/ 40 Lei for 15 ml/ 0.5 fl oz) is described as a sharp and bold red polish as the red apple itself. It’s a true classic red without any blue or orange undertones, that looks pigmented and rich and will complement any skin tone and can be worn on any nail length.

I’m sure that lovers or red nail polish have surely discovered this shade already but for those who haven’t yet this is really a color that can be worn at the office, on a romantic date, dinner, holiday season, Christmas dinner or on any given day.

It delivers a really pigmented and rich color right from the first layer but is fully opaque after the second coat which also reveals a glossy finish.

It was a well balanced formula, not too thick or too thin, just the right combination which glides easily and effortlessly on the nails without streaking, bubbling or pooling along the edges of the nail.

It has a nice shine even without a top coat but just in case I decided to apply Kinetics Nano Shark Nail Treatment (review & swatches) on my left hand nails so I can compare the results a few days later with my right hand nails where I haven’t applied any top coat.

For those of you looking for the perfect classic red I’m sure you will consider OPI Big Apple Red worthy to be part of your nail polish collection and you’ll enjoy wearing it for almost a week before you will have visible tip wear.

I tested Big Apple Red for 5 days before I decided to post this review and on the nails where I’ve applied top coat I almost had no tip wear. This polish is so long lasting with a top coat as it is still pigmented and opaque and no chipping. On the nails where I haven’t applied top coat I had minor tip wear but also without chipping.

Enjoy more photos…





OPI Big Apple Red Nail Polish – One Coat


OPI Big Apple Red Nail Polish – Two Coats


OPI Big Apple Red Nail Polish – Two Coats + Top Coat


OPI Big Apple Red Nail Polish – 5 Days Later (with Top Coat)


OPI Big Apple Red Nail Polish – 5 Days Later (without Top Coat)




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