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Native to the Republic of Ghana in West Africa, Anogeissus is a sacred tree that is deeply integrated into African culture. Commonly known as “Siiga,” meaning “the soul,” local tribes revere Anogeissus extract as a potent natural wound healer and antimicrobial. After five years of intensive research in partnership with plant scientists at the University of Strasbourg, during which Origins identified the unique characteristics, chemical profile and genetic composition of Anogeissus, Origins discovered that the extract of the bark demonstrated an excellent ability to protect collagen and help boost skin’s natural production levels of a glycoprotein called fibrillin. This resulted in a firmer and more resilient, youthful-looking complexion. With Anogeissus as a key ingredient within the Plantscription Anti-aging Collection, Origins raises the bar for naturally-derived, age-correcting skin care.


International Launch Date – August 2012

Now are available only Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum and Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

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Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Collection for Summer – Fall 2012

Plantscription Anti-Aging Concealer – $17.50 (0.50 ml/ 0.17 fl oz)

Infused with the proven anti-aging power of Anogeissus, this lightweight, cushiony concealer helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles immediately, as well as over time. Available in six shades, this semi-fluid concealer glides gently onto skin and bonds seamlessly without settling into creases. This high-performance formulation provides medium to full buildable coverage that is long-wearing and stays color true to help quickly and flawlessly transform the look of fine lines and wrinkle

Available in six shades from #01 to #06.

Plantscription Anti-Aging Foundation SPF 15 – $32.50 (30 ml/ 1.0 fl oz)

This high-performance foundation helps create a younger-looking complexion by delivering proven skin care and cosmetic benefits. Fortified with powerhouse ingredient, Anogeissus, this age-defying formulation helps to visibly correct the appearance of lines and wrinkles both immediately and over time. This oil-free liquid foundation floats onto skin and blends easily, providing lightweight hydration and leaving skin appearing smooth, perfected and more youthful-looking with a naturally radiant finish. Soft-focus optics help mask visible pores and conceal imperfections without caking or settling into creases. This long-wearing formulation offers long-term anti-aging benefits along with valuable SPF protection. Available in twelve shades to suit all skin tones from very light to deep that provides medium buildable coverage and remain color true.

Available in 12 shades from #01 to #12.

Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Cream – $43.50 (15 ml/ 0.50 oz)

The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but the fragile skin around the eyes is up to three times thinner than facial skin, so they become one of the most significant visual markers when it comes to the perception of age. Skin weakens as we grow older, leading to a complexity of problems including a decreased ability to repair. Plantscription Anti-aging eye cream is a rich, ultra-hydrating eye cream that quickly absorbs and addresses four major signs of aging including crow’s feet, cross-hatching lines, under eye troughs and lid crepiness, while also helping to visibly lift and firm the eye area.

Anogeissus Tree Bark helps to minimize the appearance of lines, wrinkles and creases while Centaurium restores elasticity and bounce to flaccid eye area skin and Kombucha (fermented Black Tea) lifts and firms. Magnolia and Cucumber help reduce the appearance of dark circles. Hydrating plant ingredients Squalane and Jojoba moisturize. Proven safe and gentle for all skin types.

Plantiscription Anti-Aging Eye Treatment – $42.50 (15 ml/ 0.5 oz)

As a lightweight alternative to Plantscription™ Anti-aging eye cream, this eye treatment is a fast-penetrating gel that visibly repairs four visible signs of eye-area aging including the appearance of crow’s feet, cross hatching and crepey lids while lifting and firming saggy skin. Formulated with a potent combination of Anogeissus Tree Bark as well as Kombucha (fermented Black Tea), elasticity and turgor are ushered back into the age-hollowed eye area for more youthful-looking skin. Safe for all skin types.

Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum – $55.00 (30 ml/ 1 fl oz)

Researched over five years in partnership with plant scientists at the University of Strasbourg, Plantscription™ Anti-aging Serum is clinically proven to have 88% of the visible wrinkle-reducing power of a leading prescription wrinkle ingredient without the challenging unintended effects of photosensitivity, skin shedding, burning, stinging, redness, dryness, flaking and itching. Proven safe and effective for all skin types.

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