Orly Fluoro Mini Trio Nail Polish for Summer 2012

Hello lovelies!

Orly will soon launch a sweet Fluoro Mini Trio Nail Polish set for Topshop. I really love these shades and I’m super excited about the mini nail polish variant since it’s a great idea for traveling. A normal Orly nail polish contains 18 ml of product which has always been too much for me, I never finished a color before it expires so the new variant of 5.3 ml /.18 fl oz sounds much better.


UK & International – June 2012

Meet the entire collection right after the jump.

Orly Fluoro Mini Trio Summer 2012 Nail Polish Set – £13.00

  • Glow Stick – yellow
  • Beach Cruiser – pink
  • Melt Your Popsicle – orange



  1. My favourite is also the yellow one but I like the orange also, perfect for the beach.

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