Orly Mani Mini Gift Set – Preview, Photos & Swatches

Hello beauties!

I want to begin this post by saying that yesterday I attended a special event hosted by Rowe Romania at one of their Keiko Slim Spa centers. I won’t tell you right now what the event was about because I want to give you more details in my upcoming post. All I can say right now is that it was something that I was very interested and learning more about since my Birthday is coming up next week and I want to treat myself with some of the goodies that Keiko Slim Spa has to offer. I’ve been their faithful client for almost 2 years and I usually like to begin my Mondays with a few hours at the beauty center just to get me in the mood for the entire week.

I wanted to make this quick intro because at the even Rowe which is also Orly unique distributor here in Romania prepared a lot of beautiful surprises. I was one of the lucky winners of a surprised gift offered by Orly Romania which included an Orly Mani Mini Gift Set featuring 5 mini nail polish bottles (5.3 ml/ 0.18 fl oz – 20.oo Lei), a few samples of hand cream, an Orly Garnet Board file and I also received later on another two mini nail polishes.

Let’s not waste any time on words and get right to the shades, photos and swatches.

Orly Mani Mini Gift Set

Features 5 mini nail polishes in: Star Spangled, Winter Wonderland, Meet Me Under The Mistletoe, Glitz & Glamour, Naughty or Nice. They are not all part of the same collection as you might think but they can make a great Christmas Gift because there are shades with different finishes and textures. Star Spangled is part of the limited edition Orly Stars & Stripes 2009 Collection which featured only 3 nails shades in red white and blue. The rest of the four nail polishes from this set are all part of Orly Tis’ The Season Holiday 2010 Collection (info + photos).

As I said on Chicprofile’s Facebook Page a few days ago, I will host an exclusive nail polish giveaway very soon so I’m thinking of putting some of these babies up for adoption. 🙂 I will review each shade in the upcoming weeks so if you have any favorites please let me know and I will include it in the giveaway.

Star Spangled nail polish is a cherry red glitter with lots of red sparkling particles with a jelly formula. It looks quite sheer in two coats but I will be able to tell you more after my review. This surely seems like a great shade to layer on top of a red cream or black nail polish.

Winter Wonderland nail polish is described as a marshmallow fluff white with multi colored pastel shades of iridescent glitter but what actually looks like is a very sheer white silver with tiny silver flakes that will get noticed only if you nails are hit by light. I’m not a fan of sheer colors when it comes to nail polish so I would see this shade better layered on top of some opaque cream color.

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe nail lacquer described as a deep emerald green with blue-green foil glitter is more like a blue evergreen base with gold, lime and emerald green glitter which looks kind of sheer in two coats so I had to apply a 3rd layer for the swatch bellow.

Glitz & Glamour nail polish is a rich bright gold glitter with a very light formula, almost watery which looks fairly opaque in two coats.

Naughty or Nice nail polish described as a deep purple jelly cream looks more like a deep wine red with purple undertones. It’s really a dark color and the color is quite different on the nails than in the bottle so you can’t notice that subtle purple tones unless you swatch it.

Except these colors which were included in the Mani Mini Gift Set I also received another 2 mini shades and I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw that Shine nail color was one of them. Back in the days when Orly Foil FX Spring 2010 Collection (photos & swatches) was launched I was crazy about two shades: Shine and Rose. They were sold out in a second so I always hoped to get this color someday.

Orly Shine nail polish is a bright silver lacquer with a metallic foil finish which looks more electric in person than the swatch from the color chart. I’m a fan for life of metallic nail polishes and I’m telling you this one is a keeper. It’s a true silver without any green or blue undertones and it looks vibrant and shiny.

Ruby nail polish is a creamy wine shade which has a long history, I think it was launched back in 2008.

Let’s move on to the fun part…photos & swatches…

From left to right: Star Spangled, Winter Wonderland, Meet Me Under The Mistletoe, Glitz & Glamour, Naughty or Nice

Orly Shine (silver) & Ruby (red)

#39 Meet Me Under The Mistletoe, #40 Winter Wonderland, #41 Glitz & Glamour

#42 Naughty or Nice, #43 Star Spangled, #44 Ruby, #45 Shine

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if you have any favorites among these shades so I will include them in my upcoming nail polish giveaway, except Shine color which I’m planning on keeping. 🙂


  1. I love minis! 42 Naughty or Nice & 44 Ruby are calling out to me. I’m feeling red these days & those look lovely. 😀

    • I’m glad you like them…..I will include them in my future giveaway once I will reach 400 Likes on Facebook! 🙂

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