ORLY Pixy Stix Nail Polish from the Sweet 2010 Spring Collection – Review + Swatches

Hi everyone,

A few days ago I made a preview on the Sweet 2010 Spring Collection by ORLY. You can see here photos, nail swatches and lip swatches from the mini lipglosses attached to each bottle.

Today it’s time to review Pixy Stix, the first nail polish I’ve tried from their Sweet collection.

Pixy Stix it’s a pink creme more like a combination between a pink candy a little bit of peachy color. At first I was not impressed by the color but within a few hours I start falling in love with it and I can’t take my eyes off of it.

The first photo was taken on a blue background in a room where all the furniture and curtains were blue so the color is a little bit darker than original one. But in my preview post on the Sweet collection as in the second photo the color is the real one. 🙂

Pixy Stix Gloss

The mini gloss attached to the 18 ml bottle was my favorite one from the beginning. The color is a pale pink with shimmering particles, sheer indeed but looks beautiful on the lips. It’s non sticky and resists pretty well on the lips. The smell is very pleasant almost similar with spring fruits.

The price of the nail polish together with the mini gloss is $ 7.50 but if you like the color you’ll just have to wait until April when the collection will be available.

To get the final color I’ve applied 2 layers of Pixy Stix and no top coat because the nail polish was shiny on its own. The fluid texture is applied very easily leaving perfect nails without lines. 🙂

Pixy Stix 4 days later

I think the photo speaks for itself. 4 days without top coat, under cold and hot water everyday, typing on PC and it still managed to resist on my nails. I have to say that I’m not impressed that it lasted this long because I’ve always had great expectations from ORLY nail polishes and I know they are chip resistant. The color didn’t fade, the nails were still shiny and it could have lasted decently even 6-7 days if I didn’t erase it today. 🙂

The photos were taken near window so it’s only natural light and the color is indeed the real one. I know you can see the difference between these photos and the first one but as I said, the first photo had blue undertones :).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and please let me know if you do like this color.

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