Orly Skinny Dip Nail Polish for Summer 2012 – Review, Photos & Nail Swatches

Hello sweeties!

Orly Skinny Dip Nail Polish is part of Orly Feel the Vibe Summer 2012 Collection (info, promo photos & swatches) which has been released last month. I received from Orly Romania their Orly Fell the Vibe Mani Minis Summer 2012 Collection (info & swatches) which contains only 4 of the colors from the original Feel the Vibe Collection. Each mani minis bottle contains 5.3 ml / .18 fl oz  for 20.00 Lei compared to the full size bottles which have 18 ml / 0.6 fl oz and retail for $7.50 / 45.00 Lei.

Orly Skinny Dip nail polish is described as an electric light blue. It surely seems like an electric light blue water shade with fine iridescent silver and turquoise particles. The texture is very light, almost watery and it dries almost instantly once applied. The color looks quite transparent in one coat and the color is not spread evenly on the nail leaving some sheerer spots from place to place. A second coat is definitely needed to even the color and lines left behind after the first coat but the color is still a bit transparent and is not evenly spread on the nail.

The brush is quite small so the application is kind of difficult if you have long nails (this brush works better on short nails) because you have to dip the brush several times into the bottle to get the nail polish quantity you need to cover your nail.

One of its advantages is the quick drying time (almost instant) so you can layer 2 coats of color and start using your nails right away without waiting 5 or 10 minutes to dry. The mini bottle beside being cute is also very easy to take it with you in your bag or luggage if you go in vacation and actually the entire Orly Feel the Vibe Mani Minis Summer 2012 Collection is pretty much suitable for road trips or vacations because they don’t take up too much space and it’s always great to have a few different colors with you if you want to change your nail polish.

Orly Skinny Dip Nail Polish – one coat

Orly Skinny Dip Nail Polish – two coats

Orly Skinny Dip Nail Polish after 5 days wear

This time I’ve decided not to add top coat because neon polishes are supposed to have a matte finish and I didn’t wanna change that by adding a glossy layer of top coat. I’ve worn this nail polish for 5 days and the color looks more mattified. Judging from the photos this is definitely not a long lasting nail polish (most neon colors aren’t) because it chipped badly all over, and the chipping part started from the second day.

Being a fast drying nail polish is better to change the color after 2 days because usually neon polishes chip a lot faster than the normal ones.

Orly Skinny Dip Nail Polish – after 5 day – no top coat

I hope this review was helpful and informative for you girls. I’m waiting your impressions and comments about this color. Are you into neon shades this season?


  1. What a lovely blue! It’s a shame that it doesn’t last that long on the nails though.

    • Indeed, it’s a shame, it chips pretty fast though. The best thing would be to apply a fresh coat after the second day. 🙂

  2. I disagree with not putting top coat on… it looks 10 times better and last at least 2 weeks before chipping occurs. I can provide pics and show how much better it turns out. Also there are protective non glossy top coat that keep the matte look if that is what you desire. Its all about preference because neon colors still look great with a glossy finish.

    • Thank God someone else agrees. I don’t get why people won’t wear top coat. It protects and perfects. Plus, neon dry matte not that the are supoosed to stay matte. I say you want matte wear a matte top xoatcoat. However, I don’t know of any polish that will last 5 days no chips on natural nails let alone no top coat, how long does she want it to last?

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