Orly Summer, Fall & Winter 2013 Nail Polish Collections – Preview & Photos

Hello beauties!

I have some amazing news about Orly 2013 upcoming nail polish collections that I want to share with you today. The photos posted in this article were taken at Cosmoprof Bologna 2013 Edition which open its gates on 8 March 2013. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with this event but for me it represents an opportunity to take a sneak peek at the upcoming nail polish collections of the year. Orly was present again to this year’s edition and presented its new upcoming Orly Summer/ Fall/ Winter 2013 Nail Polish Collections.


All these collections will be also available in Romania so if you want to keep up with the news and launching dates be sure to like Orly Romania of Facebook. Orly nail polish bottles have a new design now and even the famous Gripper Cap impress us with a new design and a black color. I’ll make just a quick preview to present all the new upcoming Orly collections and later on I will give you more details posting individual articles for each collection.

Check out all the new collections and enjoy more photos right after the jump.

Orly Spring 2013 Gel FX Gel Nail Color Collection

This collection is already available in stores worldwide and in dedicated beauty salons and features 6 new shades. Each polish has a vitamin-infused formula which helps to nourish and strengthen your nails while the color lasts up to 3 weeks without chipping. You can also chose one of the existing 38 shades matched to Orly’s top selling nail lacquers. Check out the color story of Orly Spring 2013 Gel FX Collection in my individual post together with more info.


International Launch Date – March 2013 @orlybeauty.com

Romania Launch Date – early April 2013 @orlyromania.ro, @keiko.ro and Keiko Slim Spa salons in Bucharest



Orly Spring 2013 Gel FX Shade Shifter Collection

The new Gel FX Shade Shifter gel nail color magically shifts from dark to reveal your gel fx color underneath.

Orly’s  latest Gel FX innovation is all the rage. Wondering how it works? Apply Shade Shifter over any ORLY Gel FX Color, then wait to be amazed. Temperature running hot? Shade Shifter becomes clear, magically revealing your Gel FX color underneath. Feeling a chill? Top-secret pigment transforms to darker hue.


International Launch Date – Spring 2013

Romania Launch Date – Spring 2013



Orly Summer 2013 Mash Up Collection

The new upcoming Mash Up Collection featuring 6 new shades is probably Orly’s most wanted and expected collection of the year. Waiting to be released next month the new line features shades in different textures from creamy to jelly like finish and neons. These will be the new shades we’ll be wearing this summer. Don’t forget to check out my upcoming post with more details about this collection. I invite you to check out the color story of Orly Summer 2013 Mash Up Collection together with the promo photos in my individual post.


International Launch Date – April 2013 @orlybeauty.com

Romania Launch Date – early April 2013 @orlyromania.ro and April/ May at Keiko Slim Spa salons in Bucharest and dedicated Orly beauty salons





Orly Spring 2013 Mega Pixel FX Collection

The new Orly 2013 Mega Pixel FX Collection features 6 new shades which come in the new nail polish bottles. A certain launch date for this collection wasn’t announced yet but Orly U.S. presented this as a spring 2013 collection while Orly Romania will launch the line later on in the summer, probably August 2013. I will keep you updated once I receive more info. Don’t forget to check out my individual post with more details and photos regarding the new shades featured in this collection. My individual post of Orly Spring 2013 Mega Pixel FX Collection awaits you with promo photos and the color story.


U.S. Launch Date – Spring 2013 (TBA)

Romania Launch Date – Summer/ August 2013



Orly Fall 2013 Surreal Collection

Even though we won’t be seeing the shade from Orly Surreal Collection until late summer it’s still nice to see what shades to expect in the rainy season. The line includes 6 new shades with different textures like cream, glitter jelly, neon and that blue which makes me think it has a pearl finish.


International Launch Date – August 2013

Romania Launch Date – August 2013 @orlyromania.ro



Orly Winter/ Holiday 2013 Secret Society Collection

The last collection presented at Cosmoprof Bologna 2013 Edition was the upcoming Orly Winter/ Holiday 2013 Secret Society Collection which includes 6 new shades in red, blue, gold and orange bronze. I don’t have the color story for this collection and the launch date is yet to be announced but since this is considered a winter/ holiday nail polish line it should be released somewhere in October and in Romania probably in late November 2013.


International Launch Date – TBA

Romania Launch Date – TBA




I really hope you enjoyed this post and you are looking forward to seeing the new Orly 2013 Nail Polish Collections on the counters. I will post a few individual articles with more information about some of these collections and I will keep you updated with any information regarding launch dates and color stories as soon as I’ll find out more.


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