Orly Winter Wonderland Nail Lacquer – Review, Swatches & Long Lasting Test

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Orly Winter Wonderland is one of the Orly mini nail polishes (preview & swatches) I won a while ago on a raffle hosted by Orly Romania. This shade is part of Orly Holiday 2012 Tis the Season to be Naughty (info & photos) but because it’s such an universal shade it can be worn in every season especially during the during and on top of colorful polishes to add a that snow flakes effect.


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Orly Winter Wonderland nail lacquer (5.3 ml/ 0.18 fl oz – 20.00 Lei mini size – 18 ml/ 0.6 fl oz – 45.00 Lei full size) is described as a marshmallow fluff white with multi colored pastel shades of iridescent glitter but I actually see it like a very sheer white with white flakes that reflects a fresh snow-like glow. It looks rather sheer in one coat and semi-sheer after the second coat, getting a super shiny effect after a good top coat. The formula is very light, almost watery so I advise you to wait a little bit between the coats for the lacquer to dry so you can layer those fluffy white glitter particles even better. The application went smoothly without bubbling or streaking but if you don’t want to be polling, just wait a bit between the coats.

This sheer white glitter looks really amazing on every colored nail polish, especially over those with a creamy texture and can brighten up and add sparkle to even the most boring shade. It’s an universal shade that can create a beautiful french manicure or some delicate and sparkling bride manicure.

I worn this shade for 3 days and I’ve applied Kinetics Nano Shark Emergency Treatment for Damaged Nails (review & nail swatches) on 5 of my nails to add even more glossiness and to compare the results with the other nails. Considering I have acrylic nails right now (info & swatches) I had minor tip wear on the nails where I’ve applied top coat and because this lacquer it’s so shiny the tip wear is hardly noticeable.

I’ve done a few Holiday Nail Looks using Orly Winter Wonderland so go check that post if you are interested on how this color looks over different nail polishes.

Enjoy more photos…

Orly Winter Wonderland Nail Lacquer – 1 coat

Orly Winter Wonderland Nail Lacquer -2 coats

Orly Winter Wonderland Nail Lacquer + top coat

Orly Winter Wonderland Nail Lacquer + top coat – 3 days later

Orly Winter Wonderland Nail Lacquer without top coat – 3 days later

I hope you enjoyed this review and find it helpful. If you do like this color I’m waiting for your opinions in the comments bellow.


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