RMK 2017 Fresh Glowing Skin

Hello beauties!

RMK celebrates its 20th Anniversary this season and therefore launches a special edition Makeup Collection (info, photos) that I’ve told you about previously but it also chatting about the products we need in order to achieve a Fresh Glowing Skin.

To mark 20 years since RMK’s debut, we have given the packaging of our base products a complete makeover. This beautiful new look is the quintessence of simplicity and refinement. With a muted silver as our new signature color, we’ve adopted a modernist line for a beautiful square shape to the container body. On the cap is our initial ‘R’ in a ribbon design, its flowing movement suggestion motion into the future. For greater ease of use, we have employed a pump-type dispenser for our Makeup Base and Liquid Foundation. Your eyes will glisten with anticipated pleasure at the prospect of your daily make up. What sort of beautiful skin do you desire today?


International Launch Date – Now @rmkrmk.com and RMK Counters Continue Reading

MAC Summer 2017 Next to Nothing Collection (All Details)

Hello pretties!

I’m bringing new details for MAC Summer 2017 Next to Nothing range of foundations and powders that is going to be released in a couple of weeks! I have close-up photos for you this time!

Sexy, sheer, balmy perfection. Moisturizing Face Colour. Lightweight, creamy Powder. It’s all about the glow.

Want an Instagram-ready glow? Next to Nothing offers it with the newest innovations in brilliant, barely-there makeup. The Face Colour’s nourishing ingredients and opalescent microspheres bring out skin’s luminosity, while Pressed Powder offers a creamy, transformative lightweight formula for smooth, long-lasting, high comfort wear. Micro-light boosters guarantee the look of radiant skin—no filters needed!


U.S. Launch Date – April 2017 at MAC Locations

International Launch Date – 1 April 2017 at MAC counters and online shops

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Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick Monogramming Service

Hello pretties!

Having my favorite color of Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick engraved with my name or any other sweet words that I can thing of, sound lovely. Estee Lauder offers his Japanese customers monogramming services starting 8 March, and I honestly can’t think of a better gift idea for this season. On 8 March we celebrate women’s day and having a lipstick engraved with the name of a dear person would be not only a lovely gift but one that’s unique and special as well.


Japan Launch Date – 8 March until 14 May 2017 at Isetan Shinjuku store Continue Reading

Smashbox Spring 2017 Cabana Set

Hello beauties!

Smashbox has just unveiled its new Cabana Set which features only full size products. That new eyeshadow palette is looking pretty summery to me and it features eight shadows in matte and metallic finishes. Take a closer look right after the jump!


U.S. Launch Date – Now exclusively at Macy’s Continue Reading

Smashbox Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette SWATCHES

Hello babes!

Smashbox has released the two variations of Casey Holmes Spotlight Palettes. They are easy-to-use highlighting palettes that will customize your ultimate glow and are suitable for both light and darker skin tones. I have swatches to show you right after the jump if you care to take a closer look.


U.S. Launch Date – Now at SEPHORA Continue Reading

Chanel Summer 2017 L’Harmonies des Opposes Collection

Hello pretties!

My heart almost stopped when I checked out Chanel France website and saw the new blushes part of Chanel L’Harmonies des Opposes Collection. Like every other limited edition Chanel collection, this one brings bad and good news. Starting with the good news first….there will be six variations of Les Tissages de Chanel Blush Duo Effect Tweed and you can see just how gorgeous they are right after the jump, but the bad news is they are France exclusive. I know this will piss off a lot of Chanel fans, including myself, but for the time being unless you find a method on how to bring these babies out of France, we are left with only the photos!


France Launch Date – Now @chanel.com/fr Continue Reading

Essence Spring 2017 Life is a Festival Collection

Hello pretties!

Essie Spring 2017 Life is a Festival Collection is all about vibrant beast, happy smiles and endless freedom. The collection is spreading the impulsive flair of an unforgettable visit to a festival.


Romania Launch Date – from April until May 2017 at Prestige Boutique (blv. Iuliu Maniu nr.59) Cora, @boutique-produsecosmetice.ro

UK Launch Date – beginning April until May 2017

International Launch Date – from April until May 2017 in Australia, Austria, Bosnia, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Netherlands, Oman, Panama, Pakistan, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand Continue Reading

Zoya Spring 2017 Charming Collection

Hello sweeties!

Zoya Spring 2017 Charming Collection is inspired by the colors featured on the runways during the fashion week shows. The Charming Collection features ten new nail polishes with a cool tone and opaque color coverage. You can choose between the cream and micro-sparkle finish.


U.S. Launch Date – Now online @zoya.com Continue Reading