Facial treatments with oxygen

For the health of our skin and boy, we have many options, as: to go to a special beauty salon, to treat ourselves with different natural products or to seek a specialist.

Use cosmetic and therapeutic products which have a special ingredient: oxygen. This vital gas is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral. In fact, is the best disinfectant. Plus, determines production in the deepest layers of dermis of an impressive quantity of collagen, which helps to keep young our skin aspect.

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Heather Locklear suffers from anxiety and drepression

In order to get treatment for “anxiety and depression” the “Melrose Place” actress has entered rehab. The 46-year-old star had it rough after her divorce in 2006 from Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora and after enduring a series of personal trials this year. All of this can cause “anxiety and depression” so she agreed to follow doctor’s orders and to check herself into a facility in Arizona. There she will be taken care of by professionals in order to re-evaluate her medical condition.

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Madonna hired lawyer Fiona Shackleton

As I told you before in one of my articles Madonna and Guy Ritchie are getting a divorce. Between the two of them was no pre-nup, which makes things more difficult now, and as I said before I’m truly amazed by this because Madonna seemed to be 100% business even in love. As always the “4 Minutes” singer wants the best on her side and she hired Fiona Shackleton to represent her during the divorce.

Fiona also represented Sir Paul McCartney in his separation from his ex-wife Heather Mills, and I know she has done a great job handling the case. All this have certainly impressed Madonna in making this choice. Someone close to Madonna said: Continue Reading

What’s the fashion in Hollywood these days

The stars are the one who rule the roost in fashion and you are not mistaking if you let yourself inspired by the most stylish celebrities.

Handbag with scarf

The handbag is the most important accessory from a woman’s wardrobe. So it needs maximum attention. And a special scarf is the perfect choice for such a bag.

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How to cheat a “tanned look”

What do you need for a fiery make-up

Colored eyelashes!

The eyes make-up can be resume only to make-up the eyelashes with a blue mascara which by the contrast, marks out your skin color. Apply it only on the superiors eyelashes.

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12 Fiery propositions

  1. Tango Nails wear short nails and polish them with a coral effervescent color. Match them with a tanned skin and a brazilian-style ring. Like this you can carry the passion with you all the time! Try Capucine from Peggy Sage.
  2. Delicious. Chose a transparent gloss – a creamy gloss can be ravishing in summer nights. Try the texture of Lip-Expert by Terry, it’s resistant and doesn’t losses its shine.
  3. Details that counts! Wear fiery colors and accessories that can make your appearance noticed. Hats with wide brims and XL glasses don’t have to miss from you luggage – not only for a perfect styling but also for protection.
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Mariah Carey might not be married for long

As we all know by now, Mariah is a very spoiled woman who needs to be given full time attention. She married rapper Nick Cannon this year in April. The ceremony took place in the Caribbean and because they were short on time, there was no pre-nup. Her marriage might not be as strong as she thinks, because her husband Nick Cannon si spending more time in the stores with diva’s credit card than he does with Mariah herself.

They’ve known each other only for a month before the wedding so Nick wasn’t able to know her that well, because it seems that Mariah is treating him like a pet, making him do whatever she wants. So how about that second wedding everyone was talking about?

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Madonna and Guy Ritchie – end their marriage

This may not come as a surprise for those who have watched this relationship during the past years. It seems that Madonna has finally decided to end this seven-year marriage because she had enough arguing “about everything” with her ten-year younger husband, who treats her with indifference in public. Another reason might be the drinks “way too much for his own good” and the little time that Guy is spending with their children.

With all the rumors going around the couple decided to make the announcement after Madonna finishes her tour in Mexico on November 29. A source said:

Although the marriage is coming to an end, they don’t want to say anything until the tour is over.

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