No 1 sectret of a beautiful hair

…is the method whereby you apply the products for caring and stylization the locks of hair. For an efficient coverage, any texture that you choose needs all of your hands finesse. Massage gently your hands (on both sides) with your favorite lotion and pass your hands trough your hair – in this way every single hair will have to win! Don’t touch the roots, otherwise you risk stuffing them.

Dos & Don’ts

Do. Cheer up your locks of hair with colored details, perfect for shiny days. You can try mini elastics in vibrant colors like pink, blue and yellow.

Do. In summer, use a shampoo that takes care of your hair integrity. I like Sun Sublime Care Line from Keune.

Don’t. If you have long hair, don’t harass it with uncomfortable accessories. I’ve chosen the adjustable elastics Crochet from Mezzo SonyaMod in 12 pieces.

The dream of a summer hair

Try this wonder products and, until tomorrow morning, your hair will be gorgeous.

Wake up with… a revitalized hair

Tern tress, degraded or devoid of shine needs hydrating spray without rinse S Factor, Tigi. It will be applied on wet hair and due to papaya extract has an emollient effect which you will feel it instantly. Other ingredients like fruit acids or vitamins A and E improve the aspect of split hairs.

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My Top 10 beauty products

  1. Why stop at your face? T Leclerc Tournesol Bronzed Compact is big enough to highlight your whole body.
  2. Dior Golden Dior is a glitzy jewel hiding a secret – a cream highlighter for eyes, cheeks and lips.
  3. Bourjois 1 seconde Nail Enamel Tropical art collection in Pareo Irise gets toes beach-ready in a minute.
  4. A slick of Clarins Waterproof eye pencil in turquoise along the lash line is the quick route to beach-babe eyes. Continue Reading

Estee Lauder-Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara

Let your eyes do the talking with this season hottest look…

Want a super-sexy eyes for all that summer flirting? The Estee Lauder experts offer a sneak preview of the steps to give you sexy eyes in seconds to see you through summer.

Step 1-Brows

Beautifully groomed brows instantly frame the face and give your eyes more impact. A natural-yet-styled arch is the current look to go for. Let the Estee Lauder experts show you products to contour and complement your brows.

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Color spotlight lips

Turn heads this summer with Revlon Color Stay Mineral Lipglaze and get ready to pucker up!

Get the look…

Show off a picture-perfect pout this summer with the new Revlon Color Stay Mineral Lipglaze. It will give your lips gorgeous lasting color and creamy texture for up to 8 hours. Here are some tips for a seriously sexy smile… Continue Reading

Get super sexy this summer

Smart choices for girls who love their skin as much as they do the sun.

There’s something about feeling the sun on our shoulders that makes us feel instantly sexier. As as temperatures rise and we start peeling off the layers, it’s important to feel good about baring our bodies. With more sun-care choices and advanced formulas than ever before, we can enjoy sun-kissed skin that’s silky smooth-without the damage. From prepping to protecting, enhancing to moisturising, just follow this sexy summer skin plan and you’ll be counting the days to your firs bikini moment…

1. Bikini Essential

Prepare: Exfoliation is the first step to body confidence. Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream is designed to reveal healthy, glowing skin by gently whisking away the top layers of dead cells and stimulating your body to eliminate toxins. As well as leaving you feeling unbelievably soft, removing dull, dry skin will also help you tan more evenly.

How to use it: Use on wet skin in the bath or shower. Massage a handful of cream all over, working from your feet upwards in long, firm movements. Concentrate on your elbows, knees and heels to soften those stubborn rough areas.

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Your 2008 tan plan

I have a regime that will ensure you arrive on the beach feeling confident, tan safely and keep your color glowing long after you get home…

Before you go

  • Take Imedeen tan optimizer, for a month before your holiday. It contains lycopene and vitamins proven to reduce sun sensitivity. Or wear Jeanne Piaubert anti-aging tanning activator patches every night to boost your ability to tan.
  • Use a lotion with a low level of self-tan to ease the fear of that first ‘stripping off’ moment – you’ll also be less tempted to go for the burn on day one. Try NO7 protect&perfect anti-ageing pre-holiday body treatment, with added antioxidants.
  • Stock up on suncream.

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Funny sunnies

More than half of us don’t think celebs look sexy in their sunnies and, judging from this lot, it’s no surprise. So if you don’t want to look ridiculous, here’s how to get it right.

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