Victoria Beckham – new dress collection

Victoria, the wife of the famous English football player David Beckham, is determined to enter the fashion industry and to show people that she got talent. Victoria is very busy these days with her Spice Girls career, three children and other business that she has to run, but also manages to find time to build her fashion empire.

First is her dVd brand, her perfume, denim collection, and now she will release a dress collection named “POSH Frocks”. I couldn’t find too much about this new famous collection, except she will be selling at an upscale department store.

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White Patchouli by Tom Ford

I just found out a fresh news about a new fragrance that is going to be launched in September this year. I’m talking about the winner of title Menswear of the Year by the CFDA 2008, Tom Ford, the creator of White Patchouli. This is what he said:

I loved the idea of mixing patchouli with white florals. We used patchouli orpur, which takes out some of the darker, smoky notes of patchouli. We mixed that with peony, bergamot, and jasmine” Additional notes include rose, coriander, and ambrette seed.

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American Beauty-Carmen Electra

Sexy! Is the first thing anyone would say about Carmen Electra. Her apparitions are always expected with interest…especially by men!

You want to know how she can be so sexy everytime and everywhere? I’ve done a little research about her, what is she wearing when she has to go to a party, fancy dinner or a special event. You will be amazed about her simplicity on casual clothes. I’ve also found out some tips about her make-up.

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Red tornado

You wish strong sensations, as if all your senses would be in maximum alert? You don’t have to try parachuting, bungee jumping or driving a race car. You just have to fall in love. This time, only with a perfume: Paco Rabanne Ultrared. With Ultrared all your senses are in “red” code alert. Because the new perfume Paco Rabanne rises emotions white its top notes of tutti frutti, middle notes are floral and base notes with vanilla and cedar.

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Fashion news-New York

When vestimentary designers are inspired by the animated lights as Marvel or DC Comics, the creations doesn’t have to come out other then spectaculars. Thierry Mugler, Bernhard Willhelm, Gareth Pugh and Nicolas Ghesquire are just a few from the ones who donated unicate pieces for a special exposition at the National Museum of Modern Art. In charge of this collection were MOMA and Giorgio Armani himself, who has also contributed with some pieces. Expo Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy it’s open starting from 7th May.

Urban protection

Look out when you go to the city – the town can damage you skin badly! Pollution, stress, free radicals, hard water and white nights are feared enemies. Here are some safety measures!

Solar protection

The golden rule of urban beauty impose SPF, no matter the skin type. Its value indicates how much time can you spend under the sun without you skin feeling the novice effects. The SPF only protects you against UVB rays (the ones guilty for burns), to avoid UVA rays (responsible for premature skin aging) look for ingredients like titan dioxide, parsol or zinc oxide.

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Summer make-up

What kind of make-up is in fashion this summer? One in the same casual style like the clothes you’ll be wearing this season.

The first thing you have to know is that the summer make-up is incomparable with the winter make-up. In the hot season is trendy, light, translucent and casual make-up.

Outside degrees risk to melt even the most icy make-ups, so don’t you even think about loading your face with make-up products, especially in the summer.

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Million $ lips

Attractive lips are not the ones who got from mother-nature the shape, color and perfect size. Some tricks about how to nourish them and how to mark them out better guarantees you lips that will make even Angelina Jolie jealous.

Find out what colors suit you!

Don’t cast yourself to any color just because is in trend. On you may not look so great. Don’t test the lipstick color only on the back of your palm. On the lips surely it will look different. Try to consider you skin color, shape’s lips or combination of colors from your wardrobe to make the perfect choice.

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