Eyebrows – how to fix the errors with Givenchy Eyebrow show pencil & Clarins Doublefix mascara lashes &brows

Did you ruined your eyebrows?

If you want to use a tweezers at home you can discover  unpleasant surprises, but experts have some advices for us. If we follow them we can restore all the damage.

I usually go to the salon because my eyebrows have a strange shape and I’m afraid not to use the tweezers in the wrong way. Givenchy Eyebrow Show Pencil

Error:  You took to much from your eyebrows and now you can see small empty spaces

Solution: Comb your eyebrows with the special brush. Use a eyebrow pencil, color the area and use a clean brush from a mascara to color it.

Error: After you bleached your eyebrows you notice that they have an orange color

Solution:  Use an eyebrow gel to color them; choose to be with two shades darker than your natural eyebrow’s color.

Error: Your skin got irritated

Solution: Apply a compress with ice for 1 minute, then use a green corrector to combat the redness. For the final touch apply a thin powder. Continue Reading

Dark nails


Learn new tricks. Get inspired. Be beautiful !

I hope that you like this come-back as much as I do! I always loved dark nails. Black, dark brown or mysterious purple, you name your favorite, but all these dark nail polish colors gave me the feeling of a mysterious and strong women. They look great on short nails but if you choose some art nail design (with the condition that you won’t color all your nail) you can wear you nails a little bit longer.

The colors

Darker shades – purple, indigo, plum, red-black – are sober and sexy at the same time. Plus, they complement perfectly outfits in neutral colors (gray, beige, brown) so fashionable this fall.


There is no problem if you want to wear your nails a little bit longer and rounded at the top, but darker nail polishes look better on very short nails, naturally rounded at the top.


Only specialists have such a precision to manage not to stain the cuticles when they apply the nail polish. So we would better use first a base coat, then the nail polish, and in the end a top coat that will make the nail polish resist better and have a nice shine.

Here are my nail polishes suggestions for this fall. Karen from MakeupAndBeautyBlog and Michelle from  AllLacqueredUp already reviewed some of them, so you are only a click away from seeing these beautiful swatches.

Review-Lancome La Base Pro (make up primer)

I wish that I could have (at least one time) a perfect makeup like our celebrities.  Do I have a chance?

This question was in my mind for a long time. I watched TV commercials, read magazines, see movies and I wanted to have that perfect doll face, without crazy pimples ( they appear when I least expected and from nowhere), red spots or any other unexpected surprises on my  face, when I woke up in the morning.  Finally, after I did a little research I found at my favorite beauty brand Lancome the product that was going to “give me a new face”.

Like I told you ladies before, I don’t use foundation everyday and I try to keep on my face as less makeup as possible, but this doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have a perfect makeup in those few days when I need to look perfect. Occasions like weddings, gathering with old friends, jobs interviews  or some fancy dinners, all these ask for a  perfect makeup. My help was inspired by make-up artists techniques who revealed their secrets for a perfect complexion!


The secret of a perfect complexion makeup lies in preparing the skin before applying any other makeup product. Here you can count on Lancome La Base Pro, a translucent make-up base. You must use it after you cleaned your skin and before applying your foundation. It was enough to apply only a thin layer to feel my skin incredibly soft and non greasy. Pores are enlarged, fine lines fade, signs of tiredness are diminished and all other skin imperfections are visibly reduced. This translucent make-up base with smoothing effect will boost make-up wear. Continue Reading

Chic's favorite articles of the week

Chic-bag Today we are ending the first autumn week. In my city it’s already raining and still don’t want to think that autumn is here. I will miss those sunny summer days, but let’s not forget that autumn also has its advantages. We can finally buy products from all those Fall 2009 collections that we’ve been talking about all summer long and we can finally see new episodes from our favorite serial movies are starting.

To get into the autumn spirit here are some articles that will put a smile on your face and show you that fall has also its good surprises.

Beauty Show – Fall 2009 – Hot Lips (part 2)


Contrasts are the law when it comes to color lips this season: you can opt for electric colors, but even  for some very dark ones. Common denominator is boldly. As for me, I think I will stick to those electric colors, cause being so white skin dark colors won’t do anything else, then make me look very pale or even Emo style.


Tip: If you want purple or electric pink lips, the eyes makeup should be reduced to minimum – neutral eyeshadow and mascara -, otherwise you will get more a funny look then a trendy one. For evening, when you want a retro-glam look, you can accentuate your eyes and lips, with the condition that you’ll stick in the same color range. Continue Reading

Review – Estee Lauder Gilded Rose Marbleized Shimmer Powder(limited edition)

I have recently discover the new way to glow. I went shopping the other day and after buying something totally funny (I  hope to make a post about it soon) I took a peak into the Sensuous Gold Fall Color 2009 collection from Estee Lauder . I’ve discover the Gilded Rose Marbleized Shimmer Powder which is kind of in the expensive side for me ( 36$ ) but I still decided to buy it.

I simply could not resist not buying it, since I first saw it’s chic colored case. It’s a light peachy-pink case, and you know how I love pink, and with the Estee Lauder symbol on it becomes very chic and feminine. When you open the case you’ll find the applicator along with the powder which is a rainbow of light peachy, pink, bronze and gold shimmery colors. All these colors combined together create   luminous bronze- golddess glow but in the same time will give you a natural look.

EsteeLauder-Gilded Rose Marbleized Shimmer Powder

Continue Reading

Kerastase – beautiful hair in 3 steps

Nicollette Sheridan

How can I have a beautiful healthy hair like celebrities have?  I keep hearing this question again and again in my mind but I can’t seem to find the answer. I’m sure that we all want to look our best everyday without the help of a beauty stylist. Recently I’ve read an article where Laurent Tourette, adviser stylist at Kerastase, reveals us some of her secrets.

First of all , she  recommends us  a nutritional program from Kérastase in three steps: Step 1 – Bain Satin 3, Step 2 – Masquintense, Step 3 – Nectar thermique, followed by Noctogenist for night.
Kerastare-Bain Satin-Shampoo
Nutritive Bain Satin 3 Shampoo brings th optimal dose of nutrition starting from the root. “In order that activators penetrate the skin, massage the scalp and the hair length, “says Laurent.
After shampoo, she recommends for very dry and sensitized hair, the  nourishing treatment with high concentration of carbohydrates, lipids and protides, Masquintense, which provides optimal nourishment to the top. “Provides intense nourishment to dry and sensitized hair, shine and suppleness. Disciplines and smooths the thick hair within 5 minutes.” Continue Reading

Beauty show – Fall 2009 – Doll face (part 1)


I know that you are curious to find out with what colors and makeup styles you will be in the spotlight in the cold season, so I will give you all the details about the newest makeup trends. I will split this article in 3 parts and dedicate this first part to makeup for your complexion. In the next two parts I will uncover you the latest trends of hot lips and sexy eyes.


LesTissages-Chanel Complexion like porcelain and cheeks like only dolls have are among the celebrities looks of this season!

Tip: To see exactly where you should apply your blush, look in the mirror after you made a little effort to see where your cheeks turned naturally pink. You won’t fail, if after you shook up in your hand the brush loaded with powder or blush, you start applying from the lower part of your cheek b bones to the temples. Continue Reading