Beauty book – beautiful legs

On high heels, slippers or flat ballerinas, one thing is certain: summer has came! Today in midi skirt, tomorrow in mini dress and like this you will be in bathing suit in no time! Until you’ll wear it, cheat with style! Wear high heels for an elegant allure. The mini which is in fashion is the one who suit you best!

  1. If you wish for a discreet tan apply Ambre Solaire Perfect Bronzeur 12 hours from Garnier.
  2. For sexy legs, in just a few seconds, you have to apply Body&Leg Shine from The Body Shop. Ones of its ingredients are tropical hibiscus flower extract and community trade aloe vera that are excellent for a skin that has been exposed to the sun. It also has a sensual floral smell due to nectarine and lotus flowers. At the end of day simply wash it off, without rubbing the skin. Continue Reading

Retro Look

The muse of the month is Angelina Jolie. The eyes accentuated with a black eyeliner, illuminated by a white eyeliner, applied on the interior of the inferior eyelid, and wax like skin are the perfect tendencies for fall 2008. It’s also confirmed by the presentation of pret-a-porter collection Bottega Veneta. This makeup creates an elongation effect of the eyes! Charm the ones around you with your cat look!

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Styles for a good weather

Why do i like these styles?

  1. They cope perfectly with atmosphere’s humidity.
  2. They are very easy to create.
  3. They are very-very sexy!

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Perfect Lips -anytime, anywhere

You can spend a few hours looking for the perfect shades… or you can choose from the ones I propose you.

Bright skin

Day: Sephora Lip Attitude Innocent Beige

Evening: Lancaster Classic Pink

Anytime: Dior Addict Ultra Shine Sheer Lipcolor in Shiniest Softness

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Makeup ready in a second

Wake up and shine! A tanned face is much easier to arrange in the morning. Use a self-tanning about twice a week or chose a product that you can applied it daily. My recommendation is Instant Bronzer from Ga-De.

Shorten your facial routine. Start by applying a base to fix your makeup and to avoid refreshing it later. I recommend you Boots No 7 Mattifying Make-up Base. Then, apply a fond-du-teint adjusted to your face; you can try Astor Air Mousse. Apply a correcteur to cover up the little “problems”. A close friend can be Clinique Airbrush Concealer. In order that your makeup keeps fresh all the time, i recommend you Clarins Fix Make-up.

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Take care of your hair

Forget about the rule shampoo, water and again shampoo.

Apply the shampoo only once and wash your hair every other two days to prevent dry scalp.

Leave in a little conditioner on your hair.

Some conditioners have in their composition about the same ingredient as styling creams: don’t rinse your hair completely, especially the hairs. Try the treatment spray Nivea Hair Care Diamond Gloss.

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Three steps to arrange your hair

I’ve discovered the fastest way to a dangerous sexy look.

  1. Gather your wet hair in a towel to remove the water excess. Apply some styling cream or foam; if you put too much, your hairs will stick, and the cream will evaporate itself hardly.
  2. Leave your head on the back and pass your fingers trough your hair while you are drying it. Insist on the root, which normally retains more water.
  3. Fix the superior half of your hair and dry the rest hair by hair – it’s faster then drying it all together. Then take away the clips and dry the rest of the hair with a brush, an all the length so that you create a hair “curtain”.

Three revigorating fragrances

Citrus. Studies have showed that perfumes with citric notes, keep your senses alert and improve your memory and concentration power. Try L’Occitane Intense Feu D’Orange (fire of oranges).

It’s a new perfume, launched by L’Occitane in February 2008. Even your partner can use this fragrance because it’s unisex, inspired by Sicilian orchards. His notes are very fresh and energizing: Sicilian blood orange, sweet orange, Calabrian tangerine, lemon, vetiver, gaiac, vanilla resin, and incense.

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