Types of fond-de-teint

Fond-de-teint it’s a wonderful invention which has gained a special place in women’s hearts. Fond-de-teint helps us to give an uniform aspect to our face and to hide the little imperfections due to fatigue, stress or some accidents. It’s also the main element in realizing the base make-up. You can find it in three different shapes: liquid, creamy or compact. Its covering power depends on one of the three textures.

Liquid fond-de-teint: it’s transparent and has a natural aspect but it’s characterized by the poor covering power. It is recommended for the mix skin because it has hydrating properties. It’s not recommended to oily skin, but you can tried it only if it’s oil free. In this case has mattifying properties.

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Collistar-the perfect sun tan

You want to have a quick tan, without the sun affecting your skin? Collistar products are your friends in looking for the perfect tan.

Tricks for a gorgeous skin.

You want a top-model shine even from the first days spent on the beach? Collistar products contains revolutionary complex Unipertan; Vitamin E against free radioactives; Unicontrozon for hydration and anti-aging and against UVA and UVB filters, infrared rays. Collistar has a complete line with products for solar protection and products for quick tanning, like Supertanning Water Moisturizing Anti-Salt and Supertanning Moisturizing Dry Oil, the best sold products in all Italian perfumeries.

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Honey…you smell so nice

Summer has already come. Your partner is celebrating his birthday and you don’t how what present to get him? Or maybe you went shopping for yourself and you’re thinking to buy him something to remember you even when you are not together. You can choose one of the fragrances bellow, for a perfect summer day. I have selected fragrances for every taste. Continue Reading

You smell so good…

  1. Sun rays. You like flowers and you want to borrow from their olfactory charm? Wear Cerutti 1881 En Fleurs, limited edition 100ml.
  2. Selected tastes…fragrances to measure! Include among your seductive essences the new perfume Nina by Nina Ricci.
  3. Ah, so romantic! You are a romantic by nature and you want that your boyfriend should be the same! Spoil his senses with Laura by Laura Biagiotti, EDT, 75ml.
  4. Femininity. Your boyfriend wants to be his partner at a fancy event? Show him that your elegance doesn’t resume only to the dress, wearing Femme de Montblanc. Continue Reading

Beauty book – while you were sleeping

You wake up and shine! Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge Light, is your “friend” from the night table who takes care that you’ll have beautiful mornings.

Bon…Visage. Nourish your face and get rid of the wrinkles! Try Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Plus Night care

Good Night…for your beauty; try Revlon Age Defying Sculptlogic Night Cream and you’ll wish to sleep even more to become more beautiful!

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Your holiday kit

In the plane, you are aloud with cosmetic products packed in 100ml recipients, sealed in one bag that the check in agent will give you, but the whole weight must maximum 1L. You don’t know what to take with you on your holiday and what to leave home? I will tell you what you’ll really need there! Plus, you’ll surely visit some cosmetic shops once you are there. Continue Reading

Hot news

Maxi dresses! Of course, now it the season for short pants and invisible skirts, but it won’t hurt to have on your a long dress…which you can wear it in those nights spent with your boyfriends…at the seaside. But it has to be sheer, casual and definitely, in very bright colors – that’s why you are trying to get some sun tanning, right?

Retro eyeglasses! Get a sophisticated look with the help of some sun glasses a la Audrey Hepburn! They fit perfectly with a mini dress, sarafan type, but even with short jeans, wore with sexy platforms. Sunglasses with Swarovski crystals from D&G.

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Glamour look

June is the month when beauty has 1st place! You have the experts advices and the newest apparitions to have a look without blemish.

Some of the locations where you can find the best products are Douglas and Beautik. I know that when you’re using make up you wish that the accent could be on the lips. You can have that voluptuous effect by using the set Aqualumiere from Chanel. This contains a lipstick with a ultra-hydrating texture and a shiny lip-gloss that reflects the light. Continue Reading