The perfect makeup for your eye color

Silver eyes – cool and natural makeup look

Silver is perfect as an evening makeup and emphasizes the eyes, no matter the color. If you take a peek to Giorgio’s Armani summer collection and you’ll study the radiance makeups based of metallic gray, you will see that I’m right.

Choose products for both lips and cheeks that include in their composition shiny particles. Even celebrities like Blake Lively adopted this makeup. Let’s get inspired by this  natural makeup. You can use some products from my suggestions bellow or you can try your own and let me know how the look came up.

Silver eyes look

What you need:

  1. MM795344 Collistar Kajal duo Magnetica collection. Use the black for a discreet eye contour, and the white to  to illuminate the internal corners and inside the lower lid.
  2. Gloss Clinique long last glosswear ( SPF 15) – 27 $
  3. Chanel Soleil Tan is a gently bronzing. It’s innovative oil-free formula promise to give you a natural gorgeous bronze. It’s available on 5 shades at Sephora for about 50$. 
  4. The corrector from L’Oreal Paris Infaillible Concentrat (14.25 $).
  5. Mascara Captiv Eyes Extreme Black from Givenchy ( 26$ at Sephora).  This intense volumizing mascara will instantly plumps and thickens your lashes to the maximum. From the first application your look will be intensified because this irresistible mascara  plays with the light in order to create a deep and intense reflection. It’s available in 2 shades: Extreme black and Brown black. Continue Reading

Chic's hottest summer articles

Chic-bag Summer has already passed for many of us and today we get to say Hello to the first day of autumn. I guess I’m among the lucky ones when I will say that here in my city summer is going to last a lil bit longer. Because of this temperature changes that occurred in the last few years I get to enjoy summer another month or so.

I invite you to remember together the best post of last month of summer.

Priceless couture

hiroko-roger-vivier-bruno-frisoni-09 Days of fashion  couture, the  event that recently took place in Paris, the capital of  fashion, have defied the economic laws, have ignored the global crisis and once again celebrated femininity and sophistication.

Karl Lagerfeld set the tone of this new edition and the verdict of the new trend in haute couture. He declared that  he sees  the recession as a tool that will remove all those bad tastes and effects of bling bling. This fact was fully illustrated  on the podium in Paris, where Christian Lacroix, Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, the House of Chanel and Givenchy were brilliant with conceit, opulence tempered and eccentric accents.


Special image  made the shoes couture house of Roger Vivier, designer Bruno Frisoni seemed not to know that the world is going through a delicate financial moment. The new collection of shoes is a tribute to luxury, glamor, artistic superiority and, last but not least, financial power. Several pairs of shoes, like those in the photo, have such an exorbitant price and so naturally in the same time if you consider the materials used: 45000 eur. 24 carats gold applications,  precious crystals, rare feathers and other details such as snake skin, silk and organza flowers, justify a sum that could save Iceland economy from bankruptcy. Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian – With and without Makeup

Kim Kardashian has recently changed her look. Some of us like the change from that black long hair to a more brighter color, some of us thought differently about the change. Anyway, I think she always looked gorgeous with her makeup on (don’t we always? ), but I was kind of shocked to see her recently without makeup on. Is not the first time that Kim appears without makeup, but I never seen her like this.

Maybe I’m wrong in saying that all the other photos that I saw with her in a more natural look were close to normal (you could still tell that is her).


As I said over and over again, I try as much as possible to wear a natural makeup for more than 2 reasons. I don’t like to see a big difference in the mirror after I remove my makeup. I think that over the years, if I keep using foundation every day, my skin will just loose its color and I will become pale (as I saw this happening to lots of ladies) and can’t go out from house anymore, unless I use sunglasses or some foundation. Yeah I know there are always options, like going to solar or using a self tan cream. During the summer I try not to cover my face with foundation, as often as I can. This summer I almost succeeded. I think I didn’t have a full makeup coverage more than 10 times.

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Summer trends 2009 – What did you buy and what can you keep

For some ladies, summer is almost over, but for me is not. For more than a few years now, summer has extended its visit until October, and this is not the only good news. We can enjoy shopping at low prices  awesome summer outfits, because unfortunately for the stores sales don’t keep count of season and are usually beginning at the same date every year even the summer is still here.

So, as I said some of us can still go shopping for short skirts, long floral summer dresses, sandals and sunscreen.

I’ve recently read in the Cosmopolitan magazine an interesting article that helped me decide what shall I keep in my wardrobe for next summer and what I can still buy. I hope this article will be helpful for all ladies out there enjoying the summer and even for those who are getting ready for a new season because it’s always helpful to know what you can keep for the next season (you can never know when fashion returns).

BUY: Jewels in sea shades

Blue, green, turquoise, azure are among the hot colors of summer. So if you see anything in these colors that attracts your eye you have green light to buy it. Accessorize your outfit with bracelets, necklaces and earrings in the sea colors. They look gorgeous on your tanned skin and combined with fluid textures!

KEEP:  Over-sized Accessories

Big necklaces  with lots of  details and applications are trendy. For an exotic appearance create an oversize necklace by superimposing multiple thin necklaces.


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Denim makeup – Saturday night makeup proposal


Once with Denim madness was created the term Denim make-up. By definition: Denim Make-up is the makeup technique that enhances the outfit made at least of one item of jeans.

After I tried to define  (successfully or not) this very trendy makeup in 2009, now lets talk about it. I know it’s kind of  bold makeup to try out if you are not used to use lots of makeup around the eyes. I also prefer more natural makeups but from time to time I like to go crazy and use some dramatic makeup. Come on is Saturday night, give it a try.

We need shades of gray and blue. Definitely  metallic.The kohl crayon and eyeliner are also absolutely necessary. Start by coloring all the lid with a dark blue and the brow bone with a very light gray. Don’t be shy and use a lot of color. The result will be one to match. Use the Kohl crayon around the eye and in the end the eyeliner for the final touch. Finally apply mascara, but be careful and do not exaggerate, because the effect is given by the makeup. Lipstick has to be nude and matte, avoid the gloss.

You will finally get a Glam Rock perfect makeup for a Saturday night outfit!

Butterfly makeup by Bourjois

Since Bourjois has launched the Butterfly effect this year, I wanted to try out this makeup. Blue is not among my favorites eyeshadow colors but this look reinvents blue into a new ultra modern version. Being a green eyes girl I tend not to use blue or green eyeshadows.


Found in intense shades of purple, blue is at the same time  representative  of elegance and rock ‘n’ roll. In combination with shade of rose petals, takes over the electrical reflexes as vibrant as butterfly wings.

Eyes: a dark purple makeup resembling an electric blue due to the eye pencil and outlined by a black Kohl  with blue reflexes.

Eyelashes: covered with a black rock ‘n’ roll mascara.

A fresh an healthy complexion.

A fresh sensation of the lips,translucent shades of colors, bright light and soft.

Electrical nails, but elegant.

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