How to have a skin like a baby!

Like brushing your teeth, applying day cream is one of the habits we can not omit from our daily program. Applying the cream should be one of the rituals of daily care.


Because the secret of eternal youth and beauty may be in that small gesture in the morning, here are some tips:

How to apply?

The cream is applied from bottom to top, from the inside out. It is important to remember…the neck. Neck skin is as soft and fragile as the face skin and the time, which leaves its mark  is the enemy of your youth! Continue Reading

A beautiful skin in any season!

The beauty of skin is a woman’s business card!

For this, preventing the signs left by time should be a major concern for a woman, starting from the age of 20 years! Therefore, our skin needs special care!

Every esthetician will tell you this: a beautiful skin is a well cleaned and moisturized one. Besides the daily hydration, and the gentle exfoliation twice a week, use also a moisturizing and nourishing mask, soothing and regenerative, to restore your skin vitality and freshness!

How? By applying periodical (1 day per week) a beauty mask made from 100% natural products! You don’t always need to go to a beauty salon to take care of your skin! Even you, in the privacy of your home, can prepare such a mask! You only need a few natural ingredients, a little time … and some skill!

If you want to know the recipe, keep reading!

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Review: Make Up For Ever All Mat – Face Matifying Primer -Photos and Details

Hola chicas!

I’ve bought the Make Up For Ever All Mat a couple a months ago when exhibition with beauty products was hosted in my city. All of the products prices were reduced by 20-25% so I went into a shopping spree.

One of the products that I bought was this face matifying primer based on a oil-free powdered gel gel that is colorless and extremely comfortable to wear. I already had the Lancome La Base Pro (read my review) makeup primer but I wanted to try something from MUFE.


I have an oily complexion so a matifying primer is a must for me and I assure you that the effects of using a face primer before you apply the foundation are really amazing.

If you are interested to know more about this Face Matifying Primer keep reading this review (more photos, price, details). Continue Reading

Get the Christmas Look 2009 with Givenchy Le Makeup

The Creative Director of Givenchy Le Makeup, Nicholas  said that the Christmas Look 2009 was inspired by pearls. The collection which is perfect for a romantic Christmas contains gorgeous products in pearl gray combined with feminine pink and a lot of special limited editions that you probably don’t want to miss.


I have to say that these days the beauty of the products is not given only by its content but also by the packages which in this case were repackaged in a festive way specially for Christmas, making them special as a gift.


If you are interested in seeing what products are included in this collection, keep reading. I’m also bringing close up photos, prices and details.

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Review: Illamasqua Velocity Nail Varnish from Dystopia Autumn/ Winter 2009 Collection

Hello Ladies!

I know I promised to you in my post where I reviewed the Illamasqua Explode Sheer Lipgloss that I will return with some more reviews on the Illamasqua products so here I am trying to keep my promise by sharing with you today my experience with Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Velocity.


Illamasqua is a new makeup brand that just got its first year Birthday last month, but this new baby promises to get you the inspiration you need on how to reveal your alter ego.

If you want to leave a mark with bold, rich, vibrant colors the Velocity nail varnish from the Dystopia Autumn/ Winter 2009 collection would be a perfect choice. Continue Reading

Review: Freeman Papaya and Lime Shine Conditioner

Since I know that many of you girls complimented me on my shiny and healthy hair I’ve decided to share with you one of my hair products that seems to help me a lot these days.

Maybe if you’ve heard about the Freeman products but if you didn’t let me tell you that they are covering hair care, bath & body, face, hand and foot care products. I can say that I’ve been using only some of their products from the hair care line and it seems to me that my hair gets along quite well with their Papaya and Lime Shine Conditioner.


I’ve been using in the past their volume shampoo with papaya and awapuhi and another conditioners but I’m going to stick for a while with the  Shine conditioner. Continue Reading

OPI – Hong Kong – 2010 Spring Collection – Details, prices and photos

Are you excited about the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection? Wait until you hear the new scoop I got for you. In the early beginning of next year OPI will surprise us with a new collection with the theme: Hong Kong!


Hong Kong is inspired by the multicultural aspect and therefore we will find absolutely vibrant and delightful colors.

If you are curious about the colors, names and more photos keep reading!

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Review – Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Silver Toupe

The other day after my shopping spree and beautiful experience at the Make Up For Ever shop I stopped by Sephora to a new lipgloss for me, but for the first time in a long time ( I guess very very long time) I decided that’s time for me to try something else rather than pink lipgloss.

The Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Silver Toupe no 17 was my choice for stopping the reign of the pink lipglosses (at least for a while). I payed $ 14.90 the same as in US.


Since I already had at home the Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss Explode ( read my review here) with its pump applicator, I’ve decided to buy a lipgloss that has a normal applicator, the one that I’m used to it.

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