Accessories – finishing touches


Skinny, studded or decorative, a belt is the best way to pull your outfit together. The trick is to pick the right one. Like your shoes, it can make or break an outfit.


They’re a girl’s best friend – but it’s not just about trusty old black. Take your cue from the catwalk and pick lace, print or color. Continue Reading

Review: Clinique Turnaround – 15 Minute Facial mask

Few months ago I bought Super Defense cream from Clinique and I received also the Clinique Turnaroud 15 minute facial for free. I didn’t knew anything about this mask at that time but I wanted to try it out anyway. From the first usage I was impressed with the results, and I say this in the good way.

The texture was kind of sticky¬†and the cream color is light blue. After 15 minutes while the mask was on my face, I saw the difference. I was impressed by its anti-ageing results as I saw that fine lines were diminished. My skin was vibrant, had also a radiant look and it felt so soft and smooth. I couldn’t believe how after only few minutes the minor imperfections of the skin, as red spots or small signs from pimples were completely gone.

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Smoky eyes in seconds

Nothing is more glam than dark shadow, so don’t be scared of trying it in a hurry. Blending is the key – and hides any mistakes!

  1. Thickly line your upper and lower lash line with a creamy black kohl pencil – Wet’N’Wild night lights kohl, has a rubber tip, use this to soften the upper lash line, taking the kohl color up on to lids slightly.
  2. Using your index finger, blend a dark grey powder shadow, like Collection 2000 single shadow in Moonstone, over lids, taking the color up to just under your brow bone.
  3. Layer a black shadow like Me Me Me Shock Shadow in graphite, over your lid and along your lower lash line. Use a small shadow brush to blend this color lightly up into your brow bone, also blend ing it lightly out at the corners to create a cat’s eye effect.
  4. Line the upper and lower inner rims of your eyes with a black kohl pencil. This will block out any fleshy color between the whites of your eyes and the shadow for a more intense effect. Finish with Bourjois volume clubbing mascara in black. Try different colors for subtler smoky looks.

If you’re in a rush it’s easy to lose control of your mascara wand. Allow the mascara to dry (if you try to wipe it off straightaway you’ll just smudge it) then dip a piece of tissue in moisturiser and carefully dab over the mark to remove it.

If you like this makeup, you should also check out Cailin’s step-by-step guide on how to apply a smoky eye makeup. I find it quite helpful.

Speedy skin

Even when you’re up against the clock, getting a Li-Lo glow is easier than you think.

Get set, glow!

A super-size body bronzer and a brush will give your chest, arms, shoulders and back ( thanks to the help of a mate) a terrific tan in next to no time. I love Rimmel London shimmer shimmering maxi bronzer, and H&M bronzer brush.

Shine in no time

You’ll be surprised just how amazing a glimmer lotion can make your skin look, especially in photographs. Apply over your shoulders and collarbone, but remember to wash your hands – you don’t want shiny palms. Try The Body Shop cranberry shimmer lotion or Superdrug shimmering body lotion.

Shimmer shake

Dust shimmer powder over your chest and shoulders for a pretty, party sparkle. I like Barry M face and body shimmer powder. Also look out for scented shimmer powders for make-him-love-you, lush smelling skin. Continue Reading

Quick nails

Get your nails up to scratch with my speedy, super easy guide.

Polish up

For the fastest nail polish removal, thoroughly soak a cotton ball with remover and press it on the nail before wiping.  The color will dissolve in one go.

Looking buff

Ditch the polish and just file and buff. The most fashionable shape for nails is a squoval -square the ends of nails then round the corners. Use a nail buffer to shine your nails.

Top heavy

Choose a whitening top coat to give nails instant sheen. The blue in some whiteners will counteract any yellow in the nail color. Continue Reading

Hot Hair

Great hair doesn’t need to take forever – just add a glam accessory or try one of these speedy hair-saving ideas…Look at Rihanna how she styles up her short crop with a diamante dazzler.

Heavenly hair in a hurry

Try these speedy solutions for tresses to impress.

  1. In the morning after washing your hair, apply a volumising mousse like Lee Stafford double blow mousse, to lengths.
  2. Rough dry, then randomly pile all of your hair up into a messy bun and secure with a gorgeous accessory.
  3. Undo it at the end of the day for big hair. Instead of wearing it down – which could look messy – pull the top half back and secure with a sparkly clip to create an up’do full of bounce.

Speedy tip

Dry shampoo is your secret weapon! Batiste Dry shampoo in blush, has a fab floral scent.

Amazing Amethyst – makeup idea for New Year’s magical night

  1. Take a white shimmer shadow like Collection 2000 Eye wear in star gaze, and blend around the inner corner of your eyes and up over your brow bone. This will act as an eye brightening base color.
  2. Apply a light lilac powder eyeshadow over your lids, blending it right up on to your brow bone. I like Marks&Spencer eyeshadow in pale lavender.
  3. Layer a dark purple shadow shade over your lids, like Prestige Cosmetics skin loving minerals eyeshadow in opal.
  4. Line your upper lash line and the upper and lower inner rim of your eyes with a metallic grey kohl pencil to make the white of your eyes stand out. Look for one with a hint of glitter, like Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in meteorite, to give a gorgeous hint of sparkle.
  5. Keep skin looking natural by using an apricot blush like 17 Sheer finish mineral blush in natural, over your cheeks. Don’t be tempted to go too pale – you’ll look dead, not just a bit vampish!
  6. To finish, coat lips with a peachy lipstick, like Rimmel London moisture renew lipstick in glamorous pink, for a natural, low-key look.

Top tip

Swap your usual black wand for a purple mascara to really make your amethyst eyes stand out.

Ruby Rule – makeup idea for New Year

  1. Use liner to stop lip color bleeding. Line your upper lip first, from the middle of your cupid’s bow and out. Then line your lower lip. Try Revlon colorstay lipliner in red.
  2. Use a lip brush to neatly fill your lips with a bright ruby red, creamy lipstick. I’ve tried Rimmel London lasting finish lipstick in red hot shade.
  3. Blot lips lightly using a tissue – don’t press lips together or you will risk the color running outside the edges.
  4. For a fuller finish, use a red sparkly gloss like L’Oreal glam shine lipgloss in blush mania.
  5. When wearing strong lip color keep the rest of your makeup understated. Apply a light, matte grey shadow like Miss Sporty mono shadow in grey, over lids and line your upper lash line with a black kohl pencil. Apply lashings of mascara. I love L’Oreal Telescopic clean definition in black.
  6. Sparkly bronzer gives skin flattering shimmer. Try Superdrug solait golden glow bronzer.

Top tip

For longer – lasting lip color, first blend you lip liner all over your lips to stain them and act as a base for the lipstick to cling to.