Parties, yes! Pimples…no.

Your skin can be “vapour” too after a lost night at the party. Don’t give up – see what really affects you and what can help you.

Skin suffers

– Alcohol input. Due to alcohol, blood vessels blister, and the pimples that you already have can get inflamed.

– You dance till you sweat. Grease excess can fill up the pores and from here can start a series of problems…

– You fall asleep without removing your makeup. It can be late and you are very sleepy, but if you don’t remove your makeup, definitely you will wake up with all sorts of infections and pimples.

Skin shines

+ You drink a lot of water and you use a face cream rich in antioxidants in order to help you reduce the fatigue effects.

+ You fix your makeup with a powder based on salicylic acid to be able to keep you away from the pimples and germs.

+ You will treat your face with a anti-acne solution and you never go to sleep without completely removing your makeup.

Forget Me Not – how to leave a scented memory

We’ve lost the art of wearing perfume and with it the gift of seducing the world. For your scent to leave a beautiful trail that reminds people of your presence, you must use a parfum, the most concentrated form of scent. A low-concentration eau de toilette (EDT) will all but disappear in four hours; they were originally only meant to make you feel fresh.

A woman should make a ritual of applying scent. Mist a little eau de parfum ( the concentration between parfum and EDT) all over the body. Then dab parfum on the inside of the wrists and elbows, the dip of the collarbone, below the ear lobes, on the ankles and behind the knees. To really make the fragrance last, follow with your perfume’s scented body cream. Continue Reading

Get scent sitized

Perfume isn’t just about smelling good. Wear it well and you’ll make grown men weep.


Hair is porous, so it’s an excellent carrier’ for perfume. It will also scent the air around you every time you move. Stick to alcohol-free hair mists to avoid drying out your locks – Thierry Mugler Angel Perfuming Hair Mist, 18 eur, is formulated to diffuse scent for eight hours.


Fragrance applied to your neck and behind your ears will envelop you, making these great spots to get the most out of an evening perfume. Buy a perfume with an old-fashioned glass stopper -dabbing on scent is an indulgent ritual. Jean Charles Brosseau Ombre Rose Perfume.


To entice lover, Cleopatra dabbed her brow with civet (from the, er, anal gland of the civet cat) and lips with perfume. You wouldn’t want to do either but you could sweeten your kisses with peach and berry scented Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger Rollerball/ Lipgloss duo. Continue Reading

My top 10 beauty products

  1. If last night’s revelries have left your skin sore and angary-looking, NO 7 calm skin redness – relief gel, 19 eur, is the answer.
  2. Give dank hair a new lease of life with Lulu organics hair powder in lavender&clary sage, 24 eur – it’ll mop up oil and the scent will lift your spirits.
  3. Eyes a puffed-up disaster zone? Ten minutes with Skyn Iceland hydro cool firming eye gels, 40 eur for six pairs, on them will sort you out.
  4. Carnation footcare anti-blister stick, 4.22eur, will help prevent swollen feet blistering inside suddenly – tight shoes.
  5. B Kamins bio -mapple diatomamus earth masque, 42 eur, purges skin of grime and contains antioxidants for some cell-repairing first-aid. Continue Reading

Tips for effortlessly beautiful skin

Did you knew that 83% of women don’t like to wear too much makeup every day? Well it’s true.

Whether we’re heading out for a date, catching the bus to work or just popping to the shops, us girls want to look effortlessly good. And 83% of women agree that, with all this rushing around, what they need is a skincare essential that would give them both fully moisturised skin and flawless natural looking coverage to help look and fell 100% gorgeous all day long.

Your skin does not need to feel clogged up or masked and you won’t look overdone. The only thing you will look is effortlessly beautiful. Continue Reading

Intense and cold colors for winter?

Stars love the new trend: blue make-up!

Purple was the season trend in clothing and accessories. Blue will be in trend in 2009. What do you prefer? Purple eyelids? Or maybe blue? Whatever is your favorite color, be brave and wear it!

It’s unfair to avoid intense blue and strong purple eyeshadow. I think they are the perfect colors to outline the beauty of brown, black and green eyes, and even the olive natural skins or tanned. If your iris is blue, then purple eyeshadow it’s recommended.

Give up the eyeshadows in discreet colors at least for a while: brown, bronze, peach and pastel! It is time for a stronger and baldy color.

Monochromatic make-up – Jennifer Lopez style

Jennifer Lopez, a perfect look at the movie premier “the Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.

Hair color, of a dark brown has warm honey reflexes, very well outlined by the large curls. This is a very good choice for brunettes, because this color sweetens their strokes and creates a very special luminosity to the face. The effect is even bigger in case of Jennifer witch wears a light beige dress, by Cavalli.

Surprisingly, when other stars prefer dramatic make-up in retro and vintage style, Jennifer came back to natural, monochromatic. Star’s make-up artist opted for shadows of warm and velvety bronze for eyes, cheeks and lips. Natural lashes, curbed and helped by extension give the look a gala shining.

Seems like a look easy to obtain, but the refinement in choosing the shades and keeping the natural aspect are in fact, the stakes of this make-up. You can wear the hair style and make-up a la Jennifer at any party even when you go out at night. You don’t have to worry that you will pass as a discreet! You will be remarked for your refinement!

From me to you – suggestions of Christmas gifts for your partner

Never mind the bottle of bubbly, break open a bottle of sexy scent for him this Christmas.

This is the season of giving, so seek out his perfect scent. Whether you’re looking for something dynamic, dashing of daredevil, you’ll find his ideal match. And if you can’t commit to just one, why not go for a selection?

Lacoste Red 34 eur for 75 ml

For the self-confident man who thrives on the chase. This fragrance reflects tangy apple, warm jasmine and sensual patchouli.

Boss by Hugo Boss 48 eur for 100 ml

Five times winner of Cosmo’s Readers’ Kiss of Approval – a real classic inspired by Apple Strudel.

Continue Reading