Kenzo Power, new perfume by Kenzo

The new perfume Kenzo Power will be released at the market like its predecessor at the end of this summer, on 20 August 2008. Kenzo Power brings a change to the idea of a conservative cologne used by men in everyday life at their work environment. This fragrance has a seductive smell which makes it perfect to wear in a a liberal office environment. The metallic bottle design by the famous Kenya Hara will be available in three sizes as Eau de Toilette. One of the bottles will be in a limited edition of 750 ml. Continue Reading

Rosa Bulgara, new perfume by Zara

Zara, the famous Spanish brand released in the beginning of 2008, three new perfumes for women: Rosa Bulgara, Flor de Azahar and Lirio de Aqua. The new line is called Agua Perfumada (Perfumed Water) and is made by Puig. The fragrances can be described as being “classical, minimalist, and elegant”. Continue Reading