Sensible makeup for sensitive skin type with Boots No7

A sensitive skin needs not only a special care but also a sensitive makeup. As i was writing in my previous article, you need to use products specially designed for your type of skin. I will dedicate this article to those who have sensitive type of  skin and i will show you how important is to  select carefully from all those makeup products the ones fit for you.

First of all you must be very careful when you make your makeup-bag and if you bear  in mind some important things, you won’t be facing any problems.

Boots No 7 Intelligent Balance Foundation make-up. It must be non-comedogenic (it does not tamp the pores). For this you can rely on Boots No 7 Intelligent Balance which contains a formula that will absorb all sebum excess. With the light air texture this soft mousse foundation will give your skin a perfect finish and will provide flawless medium-to-full coverage. It has been dermatological tested and fragrance free specially designed for a sensitive skin like yours, creating a barrier that will keep your skin shine free all day. Continue Reading

Sensitive skin needs special care…advices, tips and recommendations

Continuous rescue antioxidant moisturizer-Clinique The fact that your skin “objects” to some cosmetic products doesn’t have to affect your beauty ritual.  I have an oily and sensitive skin type in the same time. Since i was a teenager i had to deal with lots of problems concerning my skin and although i had a cleaning routine every day and night, my skin still had some problems. It’s true that you must give special attention to sensitive skin, but you can’t say that having a sensitive skin means extra efforts. We must avoid some ingredients and open our eyes to others  like Aloe Vera and  salicylic acid. I want to share with you, some of the products that i use daily and their effects over my skin and also recommend you new ones specially for sensitive skin.

Lots of women with sensitive skin have tried multiple methods, treatments and products that promise to respect the skin sensitivity and…nothing. First step is definitely, going to a specialist doctor, which will specify the exact problems of your skin and tell you what type of ritual you should apply to your skin, because not all the “maneuvers” are bearable.

My experience thought me that i must follow three important steps and everything will be simple. Continue Reading

How to get a beautiful shiny hair (tips for a sexy hair within minutes) with Root Lift Spray Mousee Tecni L’Oreal, Wella Lifetex extra rich, Londa Londastyle Flexible Hairspray

wella_hair_ends_elixir I usually don’t have so much time to stay everyday and arrange my hair or use the the straightener because i don’t want to damage my hair. My natural hair is blond, very thin and without volume. Two times a week  i give special attention to it by styling it after taking a bath.  I usually use the hairdryer and a brush to give so volume to the roots, but before this I apply a layer of  spray mousse to the roots. I use the Root Lift Spray Mousse volume lift Tecni from L’Oreal Paris.  I used it only after bath over the clean hair and try to arrange it with my fingers.  Hair will have a natural hold, volume and flexibility. This spray mousse is has a force type 3 which will leave the lengths and ends free and light. I can say that I’m really satisfied by this product. For the first time I’ve seen and used it in a professional beauty salon when i went to cut my hair. It was recommend by the hairstylist and i was very pleased with the result, cause usually sprays or mousses used to leave my hair heavy and in a few hours the ends will  ravel. Continue Reading

3 Solutions for blonde hair

tomatojuice I’m a natural blonde and i want to share with you some of  the solutions I’ve found and tried so many times when the following situations appeared. I usually like to try natural products or home made masks for hair with natural ingredients very easy to find by anyone.  Of course from time to time i use some treatment for hair growth and regenerating of split ends because natural blonde hair is very sensitive and thin. Can also exist some ladies out there that can brake this rules, but most of us must give a special attention to our hair.

Green shades

It can be the copper or chlorine from the swimming pool or other factors , it’s less important if the bad is already done. Use a tomato juice: soak your hair in the juice, wait about 15 minutes and after clean it. Continue Reading

How to give volume to your lips,

A little bit of color and a drop of  shine…this is the recipe of a look that will make your boyfriend to wish to kiss over and over again.

Chanel Eclat Lumiere Technique

Apply an illuminator above the natural contour of upper lips to create  a sensation of  deepness.  I can recommend you Chanel Eclat Lumiere Highlifter Face Pen. You can find it in beauty shops available in two shades, beige rose and beige tendre-light. You can also use Eclat Lumiere to add radiance to your make and dark areas of the face. You can instantly see how it reduces the appearance of fine lines with an optical effect and lightens dark circles. It is a good product indeed but kind of expensive for some of us. Price is near 40 $.

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Beautiful just in a few stepts

  • Early in the morning, wash your face and wipe your skin with napkins or cotton pads. Flexilift-foundation-vichy
  • Apply your eye cream. I recommend Vichy Liftactiv Retinol HA contour for eyes.
  • You makeup base can be very well replaced by anti-aging cream Vichy Liftactiv Retinol HA SPF 18.
  • Wait a few minutes –  you can concentrate on your body in this time, to apply a body milk – and then you can apply your foundation. In order that battle against wrinkles will be more efficient,  try a special anti-wrinkle foundation: Vichy Flexilift Teint, which standardized and gives luminosity to skin. I use this foundation everyday in nude shade cause im quite a bright skin type and i can say that’s working wonders for me. Fine lines are covered instantly and in the long way use they even disappear. I don’t even need to use illuminator anymore cause skin really has an healthy glow aspect.
  • Now, you need only mascara, a transparent gloss and a little bit of bronze powder in your cheeks! You will see how you’ll feel more beautiful.

Do you think you know everything about wrinkles? LiftActiv Retinol HA from Vichy

vichy_retinol_HA For a long time it was thought that battle against wrinkles should start in the moment when those are visible, without putting to much accent on preventing them. But more and more studies that appeared in the last years show that we should care about wrinkles long before they start appearing. The good news is that i have the perfect “anti wrinkle weapon”!

Do I have wrinkles?

You are still far away from prefix “4” and you can hardly notice some fine lines. But to answer your question…yes, everybody has them. More specific, the research of Vichy laboratories, a certain study realized on a long period of time on  the same women for 20 years, shows that on the woman’s face exist 3 types of wrinkles, no matter her age.

Types of wrinkles:

  1. Printed wrinkles are those visible wrinkles which are accentuated along with age.
  2. Reversible wrinkles are those who can become visible during the day.
  3. Embryonic wrinkles are those wrinkles “programmed” to appear on our face.

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Sweet lips with Color Riche Shine Gelee from L’Oreal Paris

loreal-color-riche-shine-gelee Because you are an active woman, you don’t have so much time for make-up, although you wanted… i know exactly what u need: products that will accomplish multiple functions and will save you from all those mandatory stages.

For example, you want to have perfect hydrated lips, well groomed, but also splendid coloured, you can appeal with all trust to  Color Riche Shine Gelee from L’Oreal Paris.

Is the first lipstick with Royal Jelly – extremely nutritive ingredient, which nourish the lips better than a lip-balm. It also contain Shea butter that will nourish and protect your lips just a like a lip-balm. In just a few seconds your lips will be soft and shiny. You can find it in beauty shops, available in nine shades absolutely delicious and shiny ( which means that you will no longer need any lip-gloss).

L’ Oreal Paris Colour Riche Shine Gelee Lipstick has a new formula that reflects light just like a crystal for a glossy glossy effect.

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