Parisax 2013 Spring Summer Nail Lacquers – Preview & Photos

Hello beauties!

Earlier we discussed about the Parisax 2013 New Makeup & Nail Products and since I’ve told you I paid a visited the other day to Parisax Professional (Romania FB Page) and I’ve taken photos of the new shades, I will not keep them only for me as I want you to enjoy them as well. There are 8 new spring nail lacquers that were released earlier this year and 6 new summery fresh colors.


Unfortunately I don’t have any swatches to show you because I forgot to take with me my color chart to swatch every shade and since my nails were busy at the time testing another nail color, now we have only photos to watch. The good news is that once you check out all these bright and sparkling nail lacquers and you decide which one is your favorite you can submit your thoughts on the comments bellow, or via FB or e-mail and I will review any of your favorite nail polish color as soon as possible.


Romania Launch Date – now,

International Launch Date – now

Check out all the new nail lacquers right after the jump.

Let’s first talk about the new 6 summery nail polishes that come in bright colors of pink, fiery orange, bronzy gold, green, blue and turqoise. Starting this year Parisax changed the design of the nail polish bottles so they cam in small square shape bottles containing 9 ml/ 0.31 fl oz of product for the price of € 6.51/ 20.00 Lei. These all look like bright colors with a creamy formula and again if you have any favorite shades just let me know and I will do my best to try and review them. My favorite is Gourmandise the pink creme and Tropique that bluish turquoise.


From left to right are: Gourmandise, Amazone, Tropique, Horizon, Flame, Crepuscule


The other 8 new nail polishes were released earlier than the summery shades and they are darker which I’m not quite sure if I would be wearing them in this season as I might just wait until summer passes because they look more suitable for the fall or holiday. Four of these lacquers, Delice, Hypnose, Murmure and Reverie are spangled which again makes them great shades to be worn at a party, clubbing, a fancy event or during the holidays. The rest four lacquers are Nomade, Sauvage, Illusion and Boheme and they look like cremes with a metallic touch.


From left to right: Delice, Reverie, Hypnose, Murmure




From left to right: Boheme, Illusion, Sauvage, Nomade



I hope you really enjoyed this post and don’t forget that you can decide which nail polish you want me to review by posting the names of your favorite shades on the comment box bellow, or via Chicprofile’s FB page, Twitter or e-mail.

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