Paul & Joe Kitten Makeup Collection for Spring 2012 – Information, Photos & Prices

Hello beauties!

When you think cute makeup collection you will probably say Paul & Joe right away. I guess we are already used by now with the cutest design of makeup products from Paul & Joe so in honor of company’s 10th birthday Sophie Albou has created Kitten Makeup Collection for spring 2012, one of the two collections included in the Meow Collection for Spring 2012. I will be posting the other one later today.

Paul & Joe Beaute is overjoyed to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of cosmetics and skincare with the “purr-fect” collection! “Meow” is a “cat-astic” collection of colors, textures, and tones influenced by the legendary, iconic “sex-kitten” of French cinema and the beloved, whimsical feline prints cherished by Paul & Joe creator and designer Sophie Albou.


Paul & Joe Kitten Collection is already available online at The entire collection is available in Limited Edition and I’ve seen some products have already sold out. Hurry!

Check out the entire collection right after the jump.

Paul & Joe Kitten Collection for Spring 2012

Matte Pressed Powder – Limited Edition – $42.00

  • #001 Cinnamon

Our limited edition Matte Pressed Powder gives you the perfect shade without the shine. The cute cat compact is enchanting and the super light finish is sheer joy.

Blusher Stick – Limited Edition – $28.00

  • #001 Glamour Puss – a pearlescent beige that instantly highlights and contours the cheeks
  • #002 Minou – a romantic and subtle pink for a fresh yet glamorous look
  • #003 Catfight – a bold and beautiful tangerine for a burst of bright, energetic color

Beauty and the Blush, the three limited edition Blusher Sticks that give your look a tantalising feline flourish. The sweet cat in a hat packaging is soooo adorable.

Waterproof Gel Eye Liner – Limited Edition – $25.00

  • #001 Black

Black Cat Cool – this limited edition Waterproof Gel Eyeliner creates a smudge free, alluring finish that goes on easily and stays there. Go on, do the lucky black cat thing!

Nail Enamel – Limited Edition – $14.00

  • #025 Tigress – a pearlescent nude hue that enhances your feminine allure
  • #026 Kitten Claws – a high society, soft pink color for picture-perfect fingers
  • #027 Manekineko – a bright, hot pink that is as romantic as it is playful

Claws Applause – You’re going to love these exclusive Nail Enamels. Three fun shades to transform nails to woo and wow!

Enjoy more photos!

more photos are available on Paul & Joe facebook page

If you happen to arrive at Nagoya Chubu International Airport take a few minutes to relax at Global Lounge and enjoy the Kitten Collection.

I’m speechless :)…meow!


  1. This collection is so gorgeous, I want everything! Not sure I’d have the heart to use the products though.

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