Paul & Joe Sparkles Collection for Spring 2012 – Information, Photos, Prices

Hi again lovelies!

Previously I posted about Paul & Joe Kitten Collection which is one of the two makeup collections included in Paul & Joe Meow Collection for Spring 2012.

Paul & Joe Beaute is overjoyed to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of cosmetics and skincare with the “purr-fect” collection! “Meow” is a “cat-astic” collection of colors, textures, and tones influenced by the legendary, iconic “sex-kitten” of French cinema and the beloved, whimsical feline prints cherished by Paul & Joe creator and designer Sophie Albou.

The second one is called Sparkles Collection and it is smaller than the previous one since it contains only lipsticks and face & eye palettes. After this article you can compare the two of them and let me know which one you like more. Honestly, I can’t decide because I really like the blusher sticks and nail enamels colors and design from Kitten Collection but also also the face & eye color palettes look so catlicious. 🙂


Paul & Joe Sparkles Makeup Collection is available in Limited Edition and can be already be found online. Some of the products are already sold out so if you really wanna have a piece of this collection, hurry.

More photos and information right after the jump.

Paul & Joe Sparkles Makeup Collection for Spring 2012

Face & Eye Color CS – Limited Edition – $36.00

  • #076 Siamese, Please…  – neutral yet elegant bronzes and beiges blend together for a natural, beautiful look
  • #077 Kittycat – a matte nude and pearly pink are the perfect pairing for a feminine effect
  • #078 Purr-fect – a smoky yet subtle ivory and moss add intrigue and depth for a daring look

Our glamorous new Face & Eye Color CS will provide all the attitude and allure you need. Siamese Please, Kittycat and Purr-fect – be fierce or feminine. It’s your choice!

Kitty Lipstick C – Limited Edition – $20.00

  • #075 Sex Kitten – a sexy, nude beige for a seductive look
  • #076 Meow! – a sweet, natural pink for an adorable look
  • #077 Catwalk – a modish orange color for a glamorous look

Lipstick Love is a set that will brighten up your spring with colours and textures to get your pretty paws on. They’re glamorous and adorable, just like you.


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