Personalize your lip gloss

Both lip gloss and lip shine are one of the most commune beauty products. Beside the fact they came into small tubes which can be easily taken anywhere you go, they have also an amazing effect only applied once. This kind of products are especially used to give volume to the lips and pump them out.

If you want to have a natural look, a transparent lip gloss is more than enough. Like this you can correct your lips and prevent them from low temperature. For a simple day make-up you don’t have to load your face. If you want to have a perfect look you just have to follow a little few steps.

It’s already known that powdering your lips very softly can make your lipstick last longer. In fact the best method to use a lip gloss for long periods of time is to colour your lips, remove the excess with a soft napkin, than apply a lip gloss to give your lips a more brilliant look. The lip shine can give a glamorous effect when you want a sophisticated look. A little trick is to apply some lip balm before using a lip gloss, because it prevents split and dry lips and can give them a natural look at the same time.

Be seductive and irresistible with the lip gloss that you chose!

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