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hiroko-roger-vivier-bruno-frisoni-09 Days of fashion  couture, the  event that recently took place in Paris, the capital of  fashion, have defied the economic laws, have ignored the global crisis and once again celebrated femininity and sophistication.

Karl Lagerfeld set the tone of this new edition and the verdict of the new trend in haute couture. He declared that  he sees  the recession as a tool that will remove all those bad tastes and effects of bling bling. This fact was fully illustrated  on the podium in Paris, where Christian Lacroix, Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, the House of Chanel and Givenchy were brilliant with conceit, opulence tempered and eccentric accents.


Special image  made the shoes couture house of Roger Vivier, designer Bruno Frisoni seemed not to know that the world is going through a delicate financial moment. The new collection of shoes is a tribute to luxury, glamor, artistic superiority and, last but not least, financial power. Several pairs of shoes, like those in the photo, have such an exorbitant price and so naturally in the same time if you consider the materials used: 45000 eur. 24 carats gold applications,  precious crystals, rare feathers and other details such as snake skin, silk and organza flowers, justify a sum that could save Iceland economy from bankruptcy.


The collection is called One is Too and the price starts from  $13,500. Each pair of shoes  can be inserted into a buckled crocodile snakeskin platform and attached with an elegant silk bow to make it more Middle Age-ish. I have to confess I like the first ones ( although I will never get to wear them), but are a little on the expensive side for me. I also need a special ocassion and a fabulous outfit, of course all haute couture.Let me know in the comments which pair of shoes are your favorite and if you ever seen yourself wearing these pieces of art.

So haute couture does not take into account superficial issues such as budget . For world’s spoilers , the price of a couture pair of shoes, which, is true, bear the signature of the great Roger Vivier, it’s never too much. After all, luxury is not for everyone. For the  amazing wardrobe which will receive  this incredible pair of shoes, we recommend an exemplary attitude and bodyguard during a walk on the cliff of Monte Carlo.

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  1. omg! How cute are those? 🙂 I mean, at least the stiletto ones in every pic are actually very bohemian, or very Victorian! I would actually love to try out the rose ones or the ones with the nice feather! Hmmm…:)

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