RBR Tanzanite Crown Jewels Gift Set for Spring 2017

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Rouge Bunny Rouge has a new surprises for us in store and launches this February the new Tanzanite Crown Jewels Gift Set that marks the the addition of special gift sets to the RBR web boutique. RBR Tanzanite Crown Jewels Gift Set is a limited edition set comprising two RBR bestsellers: Big Lash Mascara and Quartz Eyeliner.

RBR shows its appreciation towards customers and offers the Tanzanite Crown Jewels Gift Set for free to each registered Web Boutique customer who places an order of minimum €100.00 between 23-27 February. Don’t forget the RBR-CHICPROFILE20 code will give you a 20% discount as well.



International Launch Date – February 2017 online @rougebunnyrouge.com Use RBR-CHICPROFILE20 code to receive 20% discount at RBR boutique

RBR Tanzanite Crown Jewels Gift Set for Spring 2017

RBR Tanzanite Crown Jewels Gift Set – New & Limited Edition – €37.00

AMPLITUDE Big Lash Mascara

Day and night, Enchanted Garden Silk Moths spin their seemingly endless multitude of dark, heavy silk… like languid summer nights. The long-lasting emulsion formula wraps each lash in a silky coat of nourishing natural waxes and filming agents to thicken and lift. Your lashes are magnified, lifted, and perfectly defined. AMPLITUDE provides an easy and speedy application to hug your lashes tenaciously, without drying out.

  • Pure Obsidian – deep classic black

DEVOTION INK Quartz Eyeliner

At a rarely explored fringe of the Enchanted Garden lies the Cape of Eternal Devotion, an untamed sliver of peninsula where wild tempests rage beneath portentous skies packed dense with storm clouds. On the shore, amidst the battered rocks hide delicate pebbles of precious quartz-stone, unseen to all but the most attentive eye. These shimmering droplets are relentlessly caressed by the surging ocean; their crystalline beauty a product of the sea’s fathomless devotion… Our bestseller with a soft water-based formula and magnetic shine and shimmer offers high coverage, dries quickly and is particularly long-lasting once applied. Particles of artificial quartz create the irresistibly intense sparkle; the pointed brush tip allows for both finest and boldest lines.

  • Tanzanite Essence – Toned down medium blue with opalescent sparkle

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