Ready for beach?

Not only the bathing suit can make you look pretty on the beach…although not even him can guarantee a long term beauty. Don’t forget to take with you a sun protection lotion.

The sun, your best buddy who caresses you with his warm rays and makes your skin copper is in fact a big enemy of the skin. He’s the one you’ll have to blame for your wrinkles. When the burns appear , you are restless only for a moment, thinking it will go away, but in fact, with every injury your skin ages, favorizing skin cancer.

UV razes contributes with 80% to skin aging, going deep into the skin deteriorating the cells, affecting the DNA and producing transformation on the collagen fibres level. Deeply affected your skin will dry, will loose its firmness and elasticity.

My skin looks super… You are only saying that because you can stay in the sun as long as you want to without ever getting burned! But this doesn’t mean that you are out of danger. While you are staying in the sun, your skin is damaged by the UVB and UVA razes. That means that you need double protection to prevent their nocive effects against your skin. You will see why…

The sun is looking everywhere for you… It’s important to protect yourself from the sun in the sunny days and also in the clouded ones, on the shadow, in the winter time or in the summer while you are bathing in the sea. Why? The quantity of UVA and UVB razes which gets to the surface of the Earth can vary depends on the latitude, altitude, season, time of the day and many others. That is why is not indicated to expose yourself into the sun between 10 and 16 hours. UVA can break in even trough the windows, and 50% of this razes can reach the shadow.

Good news! L’oreal Paris labs have developed a gama products Solar Expertise, dermatologically tested, which offers complete solutions of solar protection against anti-UVA and anti-UVB, waterproof, for any skin type. The protective lotion has a formula that filters the razes with Mexonyl SX + Mexonyl XL and offers a strong protection against the sun, prevents appear spots and wrinkles.

Profound and immediate hydratation is ensured by Pro- Hydyl, and active ingredients with Boswelox, helps renewing the cells and stops premature aging.

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