Remedy for dry hair in only 3 steps

If your hair ends begin to cause you trouble, help them to regenerate in only 3 steps.

Step 1 – with brush. Once in a few days, spray over your hair brush a hydrating serum for brilliance – I recommend you Keune Care Line Ultimate shine repair, 25 ml – so your brush will glide trough your hair. Clean the brush weekly with soap. Ultimate Shine Repair is a polishing serum which contains vitamin E and antioxidant to protect the hair, leaving it beautifully shiny and soft. It also smoothes and helps to repair split ends, providing lasting condition and shine. The concentrated formula allows 120 treatments from one flask.

Stept 2 – shampoo with antioxidants. Protects the hair and it will defend it against heat, without affecting his volume. If you have coloured hair, try Nivea Brilliant Colour, but be careful to choose the right one for your hair colour. For optimal results, use it with the conditioner Nivea Intense repair. Will make your hair feel soft and supple without weighing down and enhances lively colour reflexes.

Step 3 – change your hairdryer with a more performant one. The heat emanate from hairdryer can put in danger your hair health. Choose a new model (Philips HP 4992 ), which cares for your hair and keep the distance when you dry your hair ( minimum 15 cm). Plus, follow a diet rich in vitamins and minerals to strengthen your hair.

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