Review: Essie Midnight Cami – Photos + Swatches

Hello Ladies!

After so many reviews regarding lip products I decided to make a change and post more about nail polishes. I’m planning to review 4 more Essie nail polishes and as soon as I finished that I will post a Round-Up with all of them.

Today’s Star is going to be Essie Midnight Cami a beautiful dark blue color. Just like the name suggests this nail polish resemblance the midnight sky. I’m into dark nail polishes but before this one I’ve never tried blue colors (I don’t even use blue eyeshadows).


Midnight Cami – without top coat – with flash

I bought this nail polish a couple of month ago from a beauty products exposition and I payed $9.00 for this 15 ml bottle.

Midnight Cami has a little bit of shimmer inside, very thin particles that make the polish shine on your nails. Applying a top coat is only optional, because I didn’t see any difference once I’ve applied the top coat on my right hand fingers.


Midnight Cami – no flash, no top coat

The difference will be seen only after a few days and if you will keep reading and look and the photos you will understand what I’m talking about.

The nail polish has a very light texture, it’s easy to apply and doesn’t leave any lines. I’ve applied 2 coats for the final result, but it looked beautiful and evenly spread right after the first coat. I still didn’t noticed any lines but a second coat was definitely necessary.

I like the contrast between a darker nail polish and my white skin but I can’t say the same about nail length. Usually I like to keep my nails short when I’m about to wear a dark nail polish, but in this case I’ve made an exception because Christmas was getting closer so I wanted to have my nails long so I can wear something bright.

I didn’t took separate photos to show you guys how this nail polish look with top coat or without because, like I told you before I didn’t noticed any difference. The color was shiny and gorgeous.

6 Days Later


Midnight Cami – with top coat – 6 days later (no flash)

Now we can finally talk about the difference. I’ve applied top coat only on the fingers from my right and as you can see from the photo the nail polish resisted almost perfect. It has some small chips but besides that it’s perfect.

Considering the fact that I’ve been working in these past 6 days I’m more than pleased with the nail polish resistant if the top coat is applied. I’ve been doing dishes, taking hot showers (you know how a polish can disappear from your nails just right after a hot shower), cleaning in the house, typing on PC everyday and so much more. So in one way I’ve been putting these hands to work. I’ve been testing other nail polishes for only 2 days, without even washing a plate and they failed miserably.


Midnight Cami – no top coat – 6 days later (with flash)

As you can see, the difference is pretty dramatic if you decide to skip the top coat. If you don’t want to wear the same nail polish for more than 3-4 days it’s OK, because it will resist pretty decent on your nails without applying a top coat.


  1. I’m into dark polishes too and this one is gorgeous! I agre about the top coat. I always use one cos most polishes don’t last too long without.

  2. Oooh Tavia, I love your nails!!!
    And what a difference having a top coat makes to the lasting power of your color, right?

  3. Hi Girls! I can say that Midnight Cami and Angora Cardi are the best nail polishes from their Fall 2009 collection. Angora lasted on my nails for 6 days even better than this dark blue and without top coat. Too bad that I didn’t took some photos (my photo cam is broken) 🙁

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