Review – Florena Hand Cream with Chamomile


I like using creams, face creams, eye creams and hand creams but I become instantly lazy when it comes to body creams or body lotions. I guess I don’t have the patience to stay and apply them all over my body. With the hand creams is a little bit different. I used quite a lot of  hand cream back in the days when I had a job that made my hands dry and I needed to hydrating them very well. Back then I was using a normal cream with chamomile but I wished that I could turn back time and used Florena Hand Cream with Chamomile.

I have to admit that during the summer I don’t use so often my hand cream, but when the cold season starts my hands ask for it immediately. I’ve discovered this cream a few months ago and I still have half of it for the cold season (this is only because I bought it during the summer).

What I like:

  • The packaging. It’s a 100 ml tube ( 2 Eur or 3$ ) with a pink design and chamomile flowers ( the pink was what attracted me at first). When I reached for the cream and touch the plastic I was surprised to see that it has a soft texture (can you believe this, I’m talking about the plastic tube). Although the tube is not transparent if you put it in a strong light you can see the amount of product left inside.
  • The smell is very discreet and the chamomile flowers give the cream a pleasant, even calming fragrance.
  • The texture is soft, light and it quickly absorbed by the skin. It has no mineral and silicone oils, so is not oily. Only a little amount a product will hydrate your hands without leaving them oily.
  • The formula with proven chamomile relieves the stress from the sensitive hands.
  • Contains Glycerin and Pro-vitamin B5 that improve the moisture content of the skin and strengthened the fingernails in the same time.
  • After applying it your skin will become soft, supple and velvety.
The bad news:
  • Well for the first time I can’t find any.

Another hand creams by Florena:

  • Even our hands need anti-aging cream and for this purpose Florena has the perfect Anti-Aging Cream with Coenzyme Q10.
  • If your hands need extra moisturizing you can try Florena hand cream with Aloe Vera.
  • Florena Hand Cream with Olive Oil is perfect for dry hands because its formula contains certified organic olive oil that will relieve the unpleasant sensation of your dry hands.
  • Florena Hand Cream with Shea Butter & Argan Oil was created for very dry skin. It can also be used during winter season, when temperatures outside are under 0 degrees Celsius and our hands are extremely dry and damaged ( only when we don’t wear gloves). Last winter I had experimented -25 degrees Celsius and I had that uncomfortable sensation when my skin tended to crack. Hand creams which have formula that contains  Shea butter & argan oil have the purpose to treat and moisture the hands and preventing them from drying out.

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