Review: Illamasqua Velocity Nail Varnish from Dystopia Autumn/ Winter 2009 Collection

Hello Ladies!

I know I promised to you in my post where I reviewed the Illamasqua Explode Sheer Lipgloss that I will return with some more reviews on the Illamasqua products so here I am trying to keep my promise by sharing with you today my experience with Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Velocity.


Illamasqua is a new makeup brand that just got its first year Birthday last month, but this new baby promises to get you the inspiration you need on how to reveal your alter ego.

If you want to leave a mark with bold, rich, vibrant colors the Velocity nail varnish from the Dystopia Autumn/ Winter 2009 collection would be a perfect choice.

The package

I hate to tell you girls that I liked this varnish from the moment I saw it. The varnish comes into a simple but chic bottle of 15 ml with a black cap where you can see written “Illamasqua”. I like the simple design of the bottle and the slick brush applicator. It applies the varnish very well, uniformly and without leaving lines.

The color

It’s a beautiful medium violet color, which is perfect to wear it this season because you already know that he violet shades represent the new black in the autumn/ winter trends.


Without top coat

Illamasqua-Velocity-Top-coat With top coat  &  flash

The texture

Is creamy and light, which makes it easy to apply. After the first coat (I forgot to apply a base coat) I didn’t saw lines or strokes and the color was evenly applied on all the nail surface. I had no unpleasant surprises because the color from the bottle looked the same on my nails. After applying the second layer of nail varnish the color was intensified and looked impeccable. I didn’t left any lines or strokes and it simple glided on the nail when I applied it.

The color is beautiful and after 2 layers looks like it has another layer of top coat on top. I insisted on applying a top coat only on the nails from the right hand just to show you that is no difference.


This nail varnish is indeed a hardwearing and chip-resistant one and I took some photos after 4 days just to show you guys how well it lasted. Of course on the right hand where I applied the top coat the varnish is in a better condition (only a minor chip at the ring finger because I had a small incident). It was also a pleasant surprise to see that it dries very fast so I don’t have to stay and blow my nails for minutes.

I’m more than pleased with the durability, considering that in these 4 days, I’ve been doing dishes (in hot water), some laundry and I’ve been taking some hot showers (I’m kind of sick….flu or smth). I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been doing normal work these 4 days and not only relaxing trying to preserve my nail polish. 🙂


Without top coat – after 4 days


With top coat – after 4 days

The price

I have the 15 ml bottle which is available for £12.50 but you can also get the 10ml £8.33 . You can check them online and order them even from the Illamasqua site.

My conclusion: I adore the color. It’s very easy to apply, leaves no lines or strokes. It’s chip resistant and sticks on your nails beautifully if you apply a top coat even after 4 days (while I washed, cleaned and kept my hands in hot water). The only downside could be the price and if this is not a problem for you then go for it.

So what do you guys think about this color, are you a fan of purples? I would like to hear your opinions and if you’ve tried some of the Illamasqua products please let me know what was your experience.


  1. What a great and detailed review!Thank you 🙂
    I don’t have any of their nail varnishes yet but I plan to get some after the holidays!

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