Review – La Prairie – anti-aging eye cream a cellular intervention complex-SPF15 (skincare program)

In this hot summer day I just remembered about Christmas. I could trade almost anything now for a couple of hours in the Christmas Day. I have to admit that in the last few days temperatures reached +40 degrees Celsius and as much as I love sun, tanned skin, summer clothes and spirit of seaside vacations,  I’m not a fan of these high temperatures. But this is not the only reason why I want to turn back time.  The main reason is the gift received on Christmas Day (La Prairie – anti-aging eye cream a cellular intervention complex SPF 15) which I just finished few days ago.

I received many great gifts among the years but this one is by far the most appreciated and useful one.  It came like a rescue for my eye’s skin area, because I was searching to replace my Clinique all about eyes soin total regard et contour which I was using for almost a year.  I was dreaming about La Prairie since autumn, after hearing and reading all the great results that other women experienced, but I never think of it as a Christmas present to me. I have to admit that its price is kind of expensive, around 100 Eur on EBay and even more in beauty shops, but trust me its completely justified.

Anti-aging-eyecream-La Prairie

Now after 7 months of using it I decided to make the impossible and buy it ( too bad is not Christmas soon, cause I already know what to ask for) and stop worrying about what eye cream shall I buy next. At first,  I was thinking … yeah this cream must be great due to its price but it can last too long cause has only 15 ml. Trust me,  it really lasted this long, I wouldn’t  even believed myself if I wouldn’t have tried it. Usually I finished the other eye creams after 2-3 months tops. In the end of January I moved to Siberia for about 3 months, and let me tell you I have never experienced temperatures of -25 degrees before. On this low temperatures is mandatory that your skin is hydrated all  times.  As a day cream for face I used  Clinique Superdefense triple action moisturizer which I manage to finish  in 1 month comparing to 2 and a half months under normal winter temperatures.

So, getting back to La Prairie anti-aging eye cream,  this one pass me trough this incredible low temperatures of Siberian winter and also hot summer days. Its advantages are that it moisturizes your skin, leaving it very smooth and soft, has anti-aging effect and also SPF 15,  so you can be protected under the sun rays of hot summer days. You can feel your skin hydrated all day long, with only one application in the morning.  It’s a daily barrier against environment. It can be used both as a day and night cream. I use to stay up very late and sometimes I go to sleep when the sun rises, so this cream is like a night sleep for my eyes. When I wake up, even after a few hours of sleep, my skin looks amazingly well without that aspect of a lost night. Combats inflammation, puffiness and under eye darkness and targets lines, wrinkles and elasticity loss. My eye’s skin area looks fresh, hydrated and without those dark circles. A sleepless night could pass unnoticed but if you have a job that requires night shifts and short hours breaks between shifts, or even if you don’t sleep in night because of  other reasons, you will make friendship with this cream in no time.

Anti-aging-eyecream-La Prairie-4

Although I have never used an anti-aging eye cream before, I was looking for one when La Prairie anti-aging eye cream came into my life. You shouldn’t start using an anti-aging cream only when you start seeing the first sign of aging. It was shown by the studies appeared in the last years that we should care about wrinkles long before they start appearing on our face.

Lots of women think that anti-aging creams must be used after the age of  25 or 30 years. Well, let me give  you the good news: La Prairie anti-aging eye cream a cellular intervention complex SPF 15 is dedicated to all-ages and wishes to prevent all signs of the aging in the eye area. Now you can fight back with the ultimate anti-aging product for your eyes at any age.

This breakthrough intervention treatment targets the eye zone’s special vulnerabilities with one mission in mind… to make us look younger!

Anti-Aging eye cream SPF 15 was designed with multi-action interceptors to combat dehydration, redness and loss of youthful firmness in the eye area as it works to enhance collagen synthesis and cell turnover. It also contains La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular complex that helps stimulate the skin’s natural repair process, moisturizing and energizing with nutrients that encourage optimal functioning.

I want to present you the 3 strategic age interventions steps:

Prevent. Its anti-aging and sun complexes  fight free radicals, subdue inflammation and retard the protein damage in the dermal matrix known as carbonylation and guard against moisture loss.

Repair. The Bio- intervention eye complex enhances micro-circulation, diminishes under eye puffiness, restores density and firmness and decreases the appearance of cross hatch lines and wrinkles.

Maintain with peptides, nutrients and eight diffusers that help relax expression lines and enhance skin functioning and diminish the appearance of expression lines.

Apply it daily under the eye and along orbital bone and you will see results within days. After all this time while I was using it I noticed how fine lines were visibly reduces, my skin looked fresher everyday and I didn’t even have to use sun cream before applying my eye cream because it has SPF. It’s really a perfect cream, fit for all seasons and moments of day.

What I really like about this cream, is that I saw results within days and with everyday that passes my skin looks fresh and young.

I wait opinions from all of you ladies out there who tried this cream and even the ones who didn’t have. Just write me about other amazing eye creams that you are using or you have discovered.

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  1. Well my birthday is coming up soon and I’m thinking of this eye cream as a gift from me to… well, me 😀

    • Is not oily but it feels a little bit rich on the skin especially if you have oily or combination skin type. I find it more convenient to used it during cold months.

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