Review: Max Factor False Lash Effect – Full Lashes, Natural Look Mascara

Hello Ladies!

Wouldn’t you like to try a mascara that can give you a real thickness and volume just as you would have when you put on your false lashes? I’m sure your answer will be yes, yes and yes. 🙂


So, let me present you the False Lash Effect Mascara by Max Factor, the one that promises to doubles your lash size with the impact of false lashes without a fuss. The secret is in the lash boosting combination of Max Factor’s biggest brush ever combined with patent Liquid LashTM technology.


Let’s see if it keeps up to its word.

At first I didn’t know if this huge brush is to be trusted, because I’m used with more delicate and thin brushes but after I’ve applied the first layer I really saw that this brush really deserves some credit. The first thing that I liked about this brush was that it picked up just the right amount of product from the first time.


I guess the photos speak for themselves and you can see the huge difference after only one layer of mascara.

Nekkid-lashes Nekkid lashes

One-layer-mascara One coat of False Lash Effect

My lashes were defined, no clumping, looking natural but with a boost of volume and visible more thicker. I don’t like those mascaras that gives your lashes a spider effect by overloading them with to much product.

After I’ve applied the second layer of False Lash Effect and I got the perfect look.

Second-layer-mascara Second coat of False Lash Effect

It was amazing to see that my lashes were still pretty good separated and with more volume than before. With the tip of the brush I can apply very easy the product on my small lashes in the inner part of the eye. It also lengthens the lashes but don’t expect the same thing like you would expect from a lengthening mascara because you will be disappointed. It gives your lashes a pretty good lengthening effect but you should test it for it’s volume and full lash effect power.  You can combine this with Lash Extension Effect Mascara (review coming soon) if you want your lashes to look perfect.

I usually like to combine mascaras of lengthening and volume and I have to tell you guys the effect is pretty amazing.

If you want to give more effect to your lashes from the outer part of the eye, you can try sweeping the 3-rd layer of mascara only on them.

8hours-Max-Factor-False-Lash-Effect-mascara 8 hours later

The result was indeed 100% impact. After wearing this mascara all day I came home to look in the mirror to check the final result and see if it really passed the test or it was just a good first impression. Looking in the mirror I realized the False Lash Effect has passed the test.  After 8 hours, my lashes still had volume, the color was there and no clumping or spider lashes either. Of course you can notice the difference and see that were not so thick like they used to be right after I’ve applied the mascara but I’ve seen worse from more famous brands with high prices. I didn’t removed my makeup then and I kept wearing it for another 2-3 hours but I’m telling you ladies  I had no unpleasant surprises.

For £10.99 you can get 13.1 ml of product and you can buy online from Max Factor site.


  1. This makes your lashes look so amazing! I already have so many mascaras though :/ Oh well, I guess there’s always room for one more!

  2. Hi Rebecca! As you can see from the photos the results are pretty amazing. I’m quite pleased with this mascara and its price. 🙂

  3. Wow, your lashes look amazing! I love Max Factor mascaras, they have always worked well for me and looks like this one won’t disappoint either. Thanks for the review.

  4. Hi Gio! It was a really nice surprise for me to discover this mascara. I’ve never tried mascaras from Max Factor before. I’ve only used their Lipfinity Lipstick a few years ago and it was incredible resistant 🙂

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