Review: Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour in Charming – Photos + Swatches

I will end my Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour series with the review of beautiful shimmering shade – Charming 140.


If you want to find out more details about this product, what it is, what kind of makeup remover you need and what you should expect of it, please read this review where I gave specific information.


Charming 140 is indeed a charming color of a bright coral shade. A little bit shimmery after I’ve applied the color base and absolutely gorgeous after the second step where the moisturizing top coat made its effect. Looking natural, with a water shining effect and a vibrant color the Lip Color in Charming is a beautiful shade for the upcoming Spring of 2010. Its texture is fluid and light, easy to apply and colors the lips and an instant.


First Step: The color base


Charming – after applying the color base

Just right after the color based was applied on my lips, the lips became moisturized and soft. The bright coral shade has pearl effects, leaving the lips looking gorgeous and vibrant after using only the color base. As I said before, the base will dry within seconds mattifying the color which will make the second step absolutely necessary if you want to have shine on your lips. The color is spread easily on the lips, without leaving lines and without clumping between my lips.

Second Step: Moisturizing Top Coat


Charming – after applying the lip balm

Voluptuous lips with a water shine effect, moisturized and vibrant only only with the touch of the magical Moisturzing top coat. The top coat can be used separated if you like, when you lips are dry and broken from the cold outside and they need a quick hydration.

6 Hours later


The color is still here, not so much shine left but considering the drinks and meals I’ve eaten today I can say I’m happy with the amount of color left on my lips. Without any retouch, the lips are still glossy (well not like before), no clumping is to be seen and they look natural.

Like the other Lipfinity Lip colours this one has the same price of £10.99 and it’s available also online.


  1. I just saw this entry and I must say you have BEAUTIFULLY shaped lips!!

    please don’t think i’m weird :S lol

  2. Hi Mary! Thanks for your compliment :). Sometimes I wished I could have fuller lips 🙂

  3. I am looking for Max Factor Lipfinity in Charming. Do you know where I may buy some? Thank you. I have used it for years and I am on my very last tube.

    • Hi Frances! I bought it from a drugstore. Here in my country you can find them available in any beauty store or pharmacy. 🙂

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