Review – Orly "Once Upon A Time" collection – Enchanted Forest, Prince Charming and Mirror&Mirror Swatches

When was the last time when you heard the magic words “Once Upon A Time” ? I think it has been a while since somebody had read you a wonderful story and even if some of you ladies read “Once Upon A Time” stories to you children, today let me tell my version of the story.


“Once Upon A Time”  was a “Prince Charming” who had a magical “Mirror&Mirror”. One day while he was looking in the magical mirror he saw a wonderful princess laying on the ground in an “Enchanted Forest”. The price hurry to see what was wrong with the princess and when he got next to her he saw a “Poisson Apple”. The prince suddenly realized that somebody gave the princess the Poisson Apple to put her into a deep sleep. She was so beautiful that he felt in love with her immediately  and tried to kiss her. While he was kissing the princess “Pixie Dust” fell on them making the princess to wake up. It was love at first sight for both of them and they decided to get married and have a big wedding at the palace. They lived “Happily Ever After” surrounded by many children.

This was my short side of the story for the new Orly collection “Once Upon A Time”. This collection consist of 6 beautiful nail polishes:

  • Prince Charming
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Mirror&Mirror
  • Poisson Apple
  • Pixie Dust
  • Happily Ever After

I know it’s missing the princess but this is the best part because you get to be the princess of this collection and make your own story.

I’m not such a fan of  “Poisson Apple” and I don’t believe in “Happily Ever After” and considering that I’ve never discovered any “Pixie Dust” I decided to try my luck with the other ones. 🙂

The Prince Charming fairy tale and the ugly truth


So, let’s start with the famous Prince Charming. I admit that he charmed me from the shop and I decided to buy it because it looked so good but once we got home and I put him to the test, he failed. 🙂 I was disappointed of him, because after seeing him on my white skin I realised that he is not so charming anymore and we don’t match.

Orly-Prince-Charming-swatch Prince Charming – without Top Coat

Orly-Prince-Charming-swatch-without-TopCoat without Top Coat

Ok, I will be direct and tell you that I don’t like how it looks on white skin, it makes my hands look even whiter and I had to apply two coats so I can be completely satisfied. The brush it’s slim and very practical and gives you a decent application but the texture is kind of  jelly. I think the color would look better on somebody with a more darker skin tone, or maybe anyone who doesn’t have such a white skin like mine.

Orly-Prince-Charming-swatch-with-TopCoat with Top Coat

Orly-Prince-Charming-swatch-TopCoat-flash with Top Coat and Flash

I’ve made another test and I’ve applied Essie matte finisher but I think this Prince Charming looked better with a top coat on top than it did under a matte finisher.

Orly-Prince-Charming-matte-swatch with  matte finisher

Mirror&Mirror on the wall tell me mirror what is wrong


From the first moment I’ve looked into this mirror I’ve seen a beautiful color that I wanted to be on my nails. Since the first coat I applied I’ve noticed that I would not have a beautiful crystal mirror to look at. Even the second coat disappointed me so I needed to apply a top coat to harmonize the color.  Although I love to look in the mirrors this one looked kind of imperfect.

Orly-Mirror-Mirror-swatch Mirror&Mirror without Top Coat

Orly-Mirror-Mirror-swatch-with-Flash with Flash but without Top Coat

I made another test and applied the Essie matte coat and I’m telling you that I liked better the matte formula. It’s a beautiful gray color but if now when it’s still new the application is not uniform, how about later when the polish will be only half of the little bottle?

Orly-Mirror-Mirror-swatch-TopCoat-NoFlash with Top Coat

Orly-Mirror-Mirror-swatch-TopCoat-with-Flash with Top Coat and Flash

Orly-Mirror-Mirror-swatch-matte with matte finisher

Enchanted Forest my beautiful nature place


Finally something  from this collection that swept me off my feet. I would never believed in fairy tales again if it hasn’t been for this wonderful  Enchanted Forest. I love the deep green of this forest, its creamy texture and perfect finish after I’ve applied two coats. It’s shining without needing a top coat, but as you can see from the pictures I still applied a layer of top coat just to see if it makes any difference.


Orly-Enchanted-Forest-swatch-no-flash without Top Coat

Orly-Enchanted-Forest-swatch-with-flash without Top Coat but with Flash

As I was thinking from the beginning I didn’t notice any difference after applying the top coat. The polish had a perfect shining even without the top coat and in this case I just use the top coat for a better protection and longer lasting.

Orly-Enchanted-Forest-swatch-TopCoat-NoFlash with Top Coat

Orly-Enchanted-Forest-swatch-TopCoat-with-flash with Top Coat and Flash

Thinking that it looked so great from the first layer I still wanted to try the matte finisher and convince myself that it’s beautiful and rich color either way – matte or shining.

Orly-Enchanted-Forest-matte-swatch with matte finish

So, what do you all think about these nail polishes? If any of them charmed you let me know in the comment bellow.

I have to tell you ladies, that I’ve bought all 3 of them from the Cosmetics Beauty Hair international exhibition of products and equipment for cosmetology, body care and hairdressing that took place in my city last week. I paid 10$ for one 18 ml bottle ( it’s usually 16$ in shop) and I also received these decoratives butterflies attached to each bottle.


  1. I love Enchanted Forest on our nails!! It has such a pretty shine by itself.
    I think mirror mirror is a somewhat unique shade too. Like the matte version better. 🙂

  2. I’m really liking this whole “matte nail” trend. But I can’t seem to find any place that actually sells one! I think my favorite is Mirror, Mirror with the matte finisher.

  3. Hello ladies! I’ve bought from the exhibition the Essie Matte About You matte finisher which I’ll be reviewing soon but first I want to try it on all my favorite nail polishes. I have some beautiful colors that I wanted to see in matte color for a long time, so only a matte finisher was the solution in this case.

  4. I love Enchanted Forest. It’s such a beautiful shade and it looks great on you! And I like the little jewels attached to the bottles, they’re so cute!

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