Review – Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Silver Toupe

The other day after my shopping spree and beautiful experience at the Make Up For Ever shop I stopped by Sephora to a new lipgloss for me, but for the first time in a long time ( I guess very very long time) I decided that’s time for me to try something else rather than pink lipgloss.

The Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Silver Toupe no 17 was my choice for stopping the reign of the pink lipglosses (at least for a while). I payed $ 14.90 the same as in US.


Since I already had at home the Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss Explode ( read my review here) with its pump applicator, I’ve decided to buy a lipgloss that has a normal applicator, the one that I’m used to it.

The package

As you can see from the photos the tube looks quite big, but in fact is not some much product inside as I would expect. The only reason that make me think that nobody used it before and it’s brand new what the fact that the tube was sealed with a plastic layer. The applicator is the normal type that I was looking for, lip glosses that have an applicator which finishes with a brush at the end are my second option.

The color

As I said before I wanted a lipgloss different than pink, but I didn’t want to choose a dramatic color for starters so this one seemed just perfect. It’s a beautiful champagne nude color with a shine effect. I like how it looks on my lips, is very natural and a beautiful color.


The texture

It has a light texture, kind of watery, non sticky comparing to Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss . It also didn’t made that line because it didn’t seemed to clump between my lips (which I hate a lot).


The application

For me this wand is the most comfortableĀ  a lipgloss can have and also very practical. I don’t have to take a small amount of product and it glides easily on my lips, perfectly applying the color evenly without leaving strokes and lines.


Does it last on your lips?

This one definitely YES. I was wearing it last night when I had dinner with some of my friends and even after finishing I still had a decent amount of lipgloss on my lips. I think another reason of it’s durability is that is non sticky, because I’ve noticed that lipglosses with a watery texture tend to last longer on the lips. Another thing that you can do to ensure that your lipgloss will last for a few hours is to line your lip (not only the contour) with a lip liner in a similar or different shade (depending on your taste) or just apply it on top of your lipstick.


Something different

I couldn’t stop thinking how would my lips look likeĀ  if I would line them with my deep pink lip liner (yeah, I know I couldn’t resist the temptation of having something pink on my lips, even if it is underneath the lipgloss) and I have to tell you girls that it lasted a lot more than it did when I wore it alone.



Sephora-Ultra-Shine-Lipgloss-Silver-Toupe-plus-lipliner-dark With flash – strange light

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and please let me know in the comments below what is your opinion.


  1. What a pretty gloss. It looks nice on its own but paired with the liner, it’s gorgeous! Thanks for the review, it’s good to know this lasts too.

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